View Full Version : Defi Oil Pressure and Oil Temp gauges

4th July 2004, 22:08
Ideally defilink 52mm black faced units, but other models considered. smile.gif

8th July 2004, 18:42
Got a 52mm DefiLink EGT in black if you want it M8! Brand new, never used.

Make me a sensible offer! (135 + del new)


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12th July 2004, 15:32
Thanks Wuz,

Unfortunately, I already have a k-type EGT sensor feeding direct into the Pectel, so I can let the ecu monitor EGT for me. I need to sort out an oil pressure gauge so I can monitor that myself. smile.gif



12th July 2004, 15:41
SPA group buy!!!

12th July 2004, 23:14
Sorry Simon, but I specifically want a defi analogue oil pressure gauge. I want to be able to see what the oil pressure is doing the easy way. smile.gif

13th July 2004, 00:39
well said moray.. its much easier to look at smile.gif

Try mike at scoobymania..

13th July 2004, 07:41
Says he with a SPA.. lol

14th July 2004, 09:50
At least David's SPA gauge can be read after dark.

14th July 2004, 10:44
well to put it in context.. I know what stevens normal oil pressure is by looking, but pay no attention to the values IYSWIM..


14th July 2004, 10:52
Its far easier to glance at things, knowing where they should be roughly positioned, than having to actualy read something :D

i nearly sold all my defis recently to go for spa, but thought better of it.

15th July 2004, 07:46
Originally posted by MorayMackenzie:
At least David's SPA gauge can be read after dark. pmsl.. okay yes I should replace the bulb in my boost gauge!

I hear what you are saying regarding the dials..

but no space.. and no others with recall other than Defi and I cannot afford an oil pressure and oil temp but can with one spa..

Hold on this is not suppose to be my decision thread..

Simon :D

15th July 2004, 09:21

Why would recall help with oil pressure?


15th July 2004, 09:40
So you can see what it had gone to.. oh hold on it only shows recall of max?

okay then you can set an alarm??

15th July 2004, 17:05
defi alarm on oil pressure is a PITA when you need IGN on for other leccy work without engine running.
drives ya crazy! :D


15th July 2004, 18:06
I have a defilink version one controller... no nasty beeps. smile.gif

I still, however, need a defilink oil pressure gauge to make my life less incomplete.

29th July 2004, 18:32
and i have one but it needs the loom which nitosport sell for 40 so make me an offer moray and its your s

30th July 2004, 10:25
Hi Gossy, YHPM, Moray smile.gif

3rd August 2004, 10:08
you have had pm back your hotmail acc is full

6th August 2004, 23:17
Is your life now more complete Moray??

I fitted the SPA this afternoon!

I hear what you are saying about a needle being easier to read but with the LD01 display in digital and other temp gauge in digital read out it is easy to glance at it being used to it..

All seems to be well with the oil pressure I think.. not running an OE filter at the moment but with Motul hot idle is 2bar and 5bar at 2500ish rpm upwards.. etc.. :D

Very impressed with the options and the menu on the SPA..