View Full Version : Gruppe S or other tubular headers wanted for Classic

30th March 2004, 22:56
I am looking for Gruppe S or other tubular headers - I just spoke to Gruppe S in California and it will be two weeks before they will have stock - would ideally like to get them somewhat earlier than that!

colin c
2nd April 2004, 20:35
I have just received my Gruppe-s headers and they took 3 weeks to arrive.

I would definately buy from them again, total cost was 407 for headers with jet hot coating, Helix up-pipe, shipping and duty. Quality looks excellent and with the jet hot coating no need to spend hours wrapping and spraying the headers :D


15th April 2004, 20:03
are you still looking for headers as i have a set of HKS for 400....thanks chris