View Full Version : Pre MY97 inlet manifold

8th June 2004, 19:37
I would like a phase 1.0 inlet manifold in the not too distant future. (I'm in no rush, at least until July)

Has to be at the right price (as always)

Not too bothered about any of the stuff that attaches to it, but a throttlebody would be nice.

8th June 2004, 19:48
they are everywhere

try www.hdcsubaru.com (http://www.hdcsubaru.com)


8th June 2004, 20:01
ive probably got a spare tb.

Tone Loc
8th June 2004, 20:29
I will have a complete one.... when i finally get off my lazy ass and get round to fitting the post97 one. David.... any news on spacers for that ;)


8th June 2004, 20:42
Thanks all. Assuming I get off my lazy ass and get the boat launched this weekend, I can do some car stuff...
Will have a word with HDC Subaru about some things...

8th June 2004, 20:43
Oh, and I think I've found a place local to me that'll make spacers if I give them a template. Will know more soon.