View Full Version : Gear Linkage Spring for 5speed linkage

9th July 2004, 07:25
As subject.. mine has gone AWOL..



9th July 2004, 07:32
I didnt have mine on the 5speed for 20000 miles, didnt miss it.

9th July 2004, 07:39
I won't worry about it too much then..

All of a sudden whilst out mapping last ngiht I went to change down and rather than smoothly going from 5th to 4th it snatched between 4th and 2nd.. only where I am used to the gearstick being pushed across / maintaining its line..

Driving it this morning I am now use to it not being there but it feels very sloppy..

I shall worry not then if it didn't cause you a problem for 20k.


Simon :D

9th July 2004, 20:39
I don't beleve there is such a spring, that action comes from the selector itself, or at least on my gearbox it's sprung just off the 5th/rev gate internally.


9th July 2004, 22:32
Fairly sure I remember fitting a spring when I put the box in the car.. you got me thinking now.. will check to see if I have any pictures of it..

Simon :D

9th July 2004, 22:34
Aaah, I know the spring you mean now. a little one, I will see what I have at work in my spring box.


9th July 2004, 22:40
Well I have a picture


Linkage and box support but no spring.. hummm...

So could this 5th/Rev gate stop springing the gearstick but not cause another problem or should I start expecting a box failure?

I can only assume not as it did about 100miles today without a problem..


10th July 2004, 11:09
Is it possible later 5sp boxes dont have the spring ??

Rob G
10th July 2004, 12:26
The springs are very common to snap and fall off.


10th July 2004, 21:23
Phase 2 boxes are sprung internally, phase 1 use the external spring.

Richard (who wondered what the hell happened when I fitted a phase 1 box to my phase 2 car smile.gif )

10th July 2004, 23:02
Thought that, just wasnt sure...

10th July 2004, 23:13

I missed Pauls post just before my picture and glad to hear the spring is there on a Phase 1 which is what I have..

I took the car out and was in a rush to get somewhere and so thought what the fook and upped the boost a bit more as the timing was too conservative for my liking.. or Linking should I say as I had last been trying to map it for the nice over boost in 4th and 5th it had the other day.. which is now solved.. anyway so I just upped the boost to match the timing rather than remap the timing as I didn't have time.. :D

Was shouting at the box.. break if you are going to.. would rather it didn't break at all of course but if it is going to I would rather it did now, rather than when I was away over the next couple of months in the car.. anyway it didn't and I shall have to appologise to it in the morning as it was the spring after all..

Paul if you have something that would be superb..
not sure if I can get to it without dropping the box down?? possibly enough drop if I remove prop and unbolt the gearbox cradle if the box needs to move..otherwise might be able to remove gear stick shroud?

Simon :D

12th July 2004, 08:19
I am confused over whether it has a spring or not now..