View Full Version : Broken Input shaft wanted

30th June 2004, 09:04
As title..


George Crd
30th June 2004, 09:18
I should have one lying around mate i have broke a few in the past

30th June 2004, 10:00
drop me a mail if you find one.. decided its about time I made a clutch allignment tool..


Andy McCord
30th June 2004, 14:22
how many goes did it take you by eye? they really do start to get heavy after a bit dont they :D

30th June 2004, 14:38
actually did it 1st go, trick is to just put 3 bolts in to hold the cover sufficently and and so it takes a bit of force to move the clutch. that way miniaml lifting smile.gif

30th June 2004, 15:21
Yes I did it first go.. Nick and steven both thought it was out.. both saying opposite ways :rolleyes:

30th June 2004, 15:40
lol at you lot!

1st July 2004, 10:24
I have one you can borrow to copy if you want David??

Bring it up with me for TOTB?

Would need it back but only once my clutch dies..

Actually I am seeing the father in law tomorrow.. he machined it i'll ask him if he can make another..


1st July 2004, 10:30
No I can machine a bar up without a problem.. I just want an input shaft.. for keeps.. not to borrow... :rolleyes:

1st July 2004, 10:34
I don't have an input shaft but a clutch alignment wossit..

1st July 2004, 11:03
clutch allignment wossits are crap.. I really dont like the ones I have used..

Input shaft would be perfect.


1st July 2004, 11:08

This is a 6 inch bit of bar machined to the same size as the inside of the clutch friction plate and the spigot bearing.

Only difference between it and the input shaft is the lack of splines and the metal it is made of..

Hopefully you have an input shaft coming off George anyway.