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10th June 2004, 11:58
Looking for a knock sensor.. Bought a knocklink with sensor, mounted it, but it doesnt' work... I tried to hit next to the sensor with a SMALL hammer, but nothing.. A new sensor then- Anyone have one ?

Andrew Carr
10th June 2004, 13:10
How do you know it's not the display?

Have you tested it?


10th June 2004, 15:22
bought a knock sensor... Where from?
Take it back and shove it up their arse. :eek:

Then ask politely for another one that works. :D


10th June 2004, 22:22
If you bought it 2nd hand you might need to do what I had to do on mine

Remove the plug that connects to the sensor, and give the contacts a damn good clean, refit & test it again

Did it on mine, and its worked a treat since

11th June 2004, 08:40
Fuzz - second hand on Scoobynet.... And he never heard of me now... - I will try the advise - thanks.. People are asses....

11th June 2004, 08:52
Is it right that there are a black and brown wire that connects to one black wire that goes into the display??

11th June 2004, 18:48

yes there is a black & brown wire that goes to a multiplug, which in turn goes into the display, and another red & black wire is in the multiplug to go to switched live & earth

Did you try cleaning the contacts at the sensor end (comes apart quite easily, flip the metal clip, and pull the plug off)


14th June 2004, 06:29
Took the entire thing apart. The wires were cut on the contact to the sensor.. Nice guy selling me a broken link... Is the black wire 1 or 2 on the sensor. Because i tried to connect them and gently tapping on the sensor, nothing on the display......

14th June 2004, 16:49
erm im not too sure tbh, not really sure if it matters which way round they go

you might need a bit more than a gentle tap (but not too hard) when you tried tapping, did you have the earth & power connected up also (and is the knocklink on maximum sensitivity ?

You should see the first green led lit when there is power (albeit very faint)

15th June 2004, 08:29
Yes - the first green lights up when turning the key. And power was on when i tapped on it. I tapped more than gently smile.gif

So wierd..

Andrew Carr
15th June 2004, 09:02
Have you tried a 1.5v battery across the sensor wires to check that you get all the lights up?

Could be the sensor.

The green lighting up on turning the key could also be electrical noise, KLs are not immune to it.


15th June 2004, 10:22
AndrewC> Will try later today.

15th June 2004, 10:23
Max sensitivity is all the way to the right ? clockwise?

Andrew Carr
15th June 2004, 10:47
Yes fully clockwise.


16th June 2004, 06:43
Andrew : Nothing with a 1.5v battery rubbing the wires... minus to the brown and black to the plus and other way around..

Andrew Carr
16th June 2004, 12:36
I should have said it's Brown to +ve and Black to -ve but you've tried both.

That should cause a flicker in the LEDs.

You need to start checking the continuity of various parts of the circuit and applying small voltages along the path the signal takes.


16th June 2004, 19:07
Got it working :) :) The je.. I bought it from had the 2 wires turn into one. Instead of the outer layer of the wire turn into one, and the inner layer into another, he just put them together. Cut the entire wire and pulled two new ones all the way from the display to the sensor. Working now... yeeaahh smile.gif smile.gif Thank you for your help!!!

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16th June 2004, 19:12
And only but tom one lighting up at WOT and Max boost 1.3 bar with VF29, TMIC, Link ECU, KN, HKS bov, TSL downpipe, HKS superdrager, HKS EVC-5, FSE Fuelreg, Wallbro fuelpump... at lambda 0.74

So guess I do not need a new sensor smile.gif smile.gif