View Full Version : Long Shot.... 8" of 100mm alloy pipe needed

Rob G
5th April 2004, 17:51
As above, desperately need roughly 8" of 100mm diameter ally pipe. Must be ally as needs to be welded onto Alluminium IC end tank..



p.s i can buy a 6m length which is a bit overkill :D

5th April 2004, 17:56
I had some.. Ill have a look.. central heating flue.. if you want steel :D

5th April 2004, 23:49
If you are stuck, I have some. Quite thickwall stuff though.
Let me know and I'll cut a bit. I had to buy 6m when I made my intercoolers.

Rob G
6th April 2004, 07:23
David :rolleyes: :D

Stevie, i'm pretty much stuck tbh mate..
How thick is it? it is basically replacing a 75mm outlet which is to be cut off and the 100mm welded on. I havent got the first clue about welding etc but if you think it will be usable then let me know how much you want for it and your post details mate. IC has been prepared by welder.



6th April 2004, 07:48
you don't need it.

unless of course you have a 110mm throttle body, but seeing as 100mm seems adequate for 1500hp on drag skylines I doubt you are there yet.

needlessly big pipes will just add lag.

100mm tube can be readily rolled from sheet and welded.


Rob G
6th April 2004, 08:08
I have been given the option of rolling and welding but would prefer a solid pipe.
Not going on my scoob, going on a skylark.
It has a 100mm entry to the Greddy Plenum and currently has 75mm in and out of the IC.
The pipework from the Plenum to the the IC is all 100mm now, just the outlet of the IC that needs changing.

Outlet on turbo is 75mm IT..


Rob G
15th April 2004, 22:57
Big thanks to Stevie!!!

Arrived today mate, thanks again