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evo vi
28th November 2003, 01:06
hi all,in the market for a 22b but all i have come across are dealers with over inflated prices(extremely inflated)and was advised to post a message here. i have cash waiting and would like a standard example but would consider anything, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance and bye the way excellent site.

Adam M
28th November 2003, 07:57
what are these prices you mention?

you should be able to find a decent example privatelyh for around the 25k mark, but I would be wary of anything below that.

28th November 2003, 07:58
There is one for sale on the Emporer Imports site and is very reasonably priced in my opinion.

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28th November 2003, 07:59

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Adam M
28th November 2003, 08:23
agreed, depending on condition, that is a phenominal price at that milage.

Rich B
28th November 2003, 09:11
Actually it gives the 22b at 20k as an example on the road price. Unless I missed another one...

Adam M
28th November 2003, 09:58
thought it was too good to be true.

I would imagine you might be able to get that price if you import yourself and had a friend in the know in japan to go to the auctions for you.

Rich B
28th November 2003, 10:51
I'm going over in the new year, I'll keep me eyes peeled http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

28th November 2003, 12:01
a 22b with 12000miles on the clock exchange for 17k over here last year - apparantly the owner had a ggr chip put on it, induction exhaust etc, and it scared him as it was so quick, so he put it up for sale! One of my friends is friends with the new owner, and was telling me about it. Was quite shocked at such a low price for the 22b to be honest.

Adam M
28th November 2003, 12:23
christian, sounds bollocks to me.

If he was that scared he could have taken the chip off.

I suspect it was your friend trying to piss you off that there was a better looking impreza nearby.

28th November 2003, 13:07
I was repeatedly offered 19k for mine as it was from Mellow...obviously I resisted.

They are not worth a lot right now to "sales-persons" but have a far higher mental value to the current owners.

Sorry about the Emp site, thought it was a "real" car.


28th November 2003, 13:40
he isn't that sort of guy adam, one of my very long trusted friends.

evo vi
28th November 2003, 23:41
thanks lads for replying but is there any genuine private owner selling their 22b

evo vi
2nd December 2003, 23:43
HI LADS,just looking to see if any of ye know anything about the ex nicky grist 22b.as i am from ireland i dont want to go over to england to find out it had a shady past, thanks in advance and hope someone might be able to help

Adam M
3rd December 2003, 10:37
Nicki had 2 22bs.

He had to donate the engine from his own after the guy he sodl the other one to blew it up within weeks by runnign it on 95 ron fuel http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif.

I believe nicki then enlisted autosportif to buil him another 2.2 which they did by stroking a 2.0. It was said to be very impressive and I think it ran on motec engine management.

Not sure what happened after that or if they managed to return it to standard.

Its also possible you are looking at the one whose engine blew up and was replaced by the other nicki grist 22B engine.

evo vi
4th December 2003, 00:42
is this the one for sale by robinsons at the moment? does this mean it would be trouble? how come nicky had two 22b's? were they both 000 numbers? thanks again mate.

Adam M
4th December 2003, 08:29
truth is I don't know any more than I have told you.

Try emailing Pete Croney @ scoobysport. He knows more about what happened than I do.

5th December 2003, 22:36
Hi evo vi,

What part of Ireland are you from north or south I am from the south and I have a 22B might sell for the right price send me a e mail if you want more info madcap@eircom.net



evo vi
6th December 2003, 00:44
hi madcap,where in ireland are u from,is this the one that was for sale in the north a few weeks ago,to be honest i have 3 shortlisted in the uk,two are private sales and the other is ex nicky grists,just trying to decide is it worth 6 grand more than others,was on to the garage today and they are sticking firmly to 28.5k,i heard a rumour that colin mcrae will be selling his in january?

8th December 2003, 00:00
Well evo vi,

I bought my 22B in Japan and imported it in myself as for where I live down south is Kildare have you anything to trade with let me know ok.Take a look at this website there is a picture of it at the waterford cruise http://www.jon44w.com/site/viewthread.php?tid=1060



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11th December 2003, 18:01
Madcap - like those wheels and door mirrors. Different but nice

18th December 2003, 08:29
got one for sale my98 on 18" OZ`s ( have oe alloy`s to ) with blue indicators and a induction kit .cat 1 alarm and a tracker ( just incase) but apart from that the car is standared with only 20k on it it is in A1 condiction and looking for a new home . And at 27500 would make a good x-mass prezy to your self . oh! tax and mot.


p.s i am in fife in scotland :)

Bob C
23rd December 2003, 16:55
Hi evo vi,

You may be in luck! I have a 22b that I would like to sell. It is a Jap Import and I am the first owner. The car has done 16,000 miles and has full service history. The car is immaculate and has had no bodywork or spray work done to at all. If you are interested, send me your e-mail address and I can send you photos along with the full specification and price.

Look forward to hearing from you.


30th December 2003, 11:04
Bob would love to get in touch with you, but you have not left your email address here?
By all means give me a call 07778609507 as my mate is still looking and we are in the midlands.


30th December 2003, 12:14
Nicki Grist 000 car was preproduction and not onee of the 424 run, he bought a second 22b don't know the number. the 000 engine went in the other car after the new owner he sold it to blew it up runnibg the wrong fuel. Autosportif rebuilt a stroker 22b using a 2l short block.

So it will depend wheter the car is 000 or the other one as whether original 22b engine oor not.

Do not trust Peter Croneys advice on anything.

Bob C
6th January 2004, 10:17
Evo vi, I have sent details of my car to Topjimo so keep an eye out for them.