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22B 277
6th February 2004, 11:35
I have recently bought an imported 22B (277) and the handbook is, of course, in Japanese! I wonder if any of you people out there know where I can get an English version or have a photocopy or the like. I will pay postage and/or copy costs + a fee to anyone who can help.


Steve Whitehead.

6th February 2004, 12:51
I don't have a hand book either but I would like to welcome you to 22b ownership.

Glad as a new owner you managed to find the board.

Hopefully others will begin to realise that despite its name sake we are fans of all things subaru (except the justy).

6th February 2004, 14:22
Great! As a proud owner of a UK 22 I have the grand total of ONE A4 page list of do's and don'ts, which boils down to:
Don't tow.
Don't slip the clutch.
Don't sidestep the cltch.
Don't perform tight manouvers with the diff locked. LOL
I did get a lovely Sonic Blue Alminium bound picture book though..LOL

Jack Macfarlane
6th February 2004, 17:39
Ahhhh, the blue book. The most expensive brochure I ever had


6th February 2004, 19:28
Try Revolution Motorsport or your local Subaru dealership, think there @ 15.
Is it different for the 22B.