View Full Version : 18" slicks cut or not wanted

24th February 2004, 10:18
looking for 4 off 18" slicks any one no of anywhere....chris

24th February 2004, 10:32
must they be 18"?

smaller will be much better for dragging, provided you have some rims


24th February 2004, 17:00
Paul i have some 17.s but thts as small as i go .
only reason im looking for 18,s is a i have 2 sets on Compomotive MO,s well 2 and a 1/2 lol.. chris ... p.s my brembos are too big for most 330mm with GT callipers rather large.... chris

24th February 2004, 17:12
put some normal 4 pots on for the weekend and fit some 16s!

you know you want to!

otherwise, you can get Kumho V700 victororacers semi slicks in 18" for about 120 a corner.

Failing that you could try some tyre softener like 'Grip' etc from Demon Tweeks.


24th February 2004, 22:34
ive just found a supply for worn ones will see what they come back with ...lol... but think i will be looking at semi cut..... chris