View Full Version : Wanted - uprated fuel pump, Ph1 550 injectors, TD05 90deg or 20G, 6MT UK

john banks
15th August 2004, 20:07
As title. What you got?

uprated fuel pump, Ph1 550 injectors, TD05 90deg or 20G, 6MT UK (or STi 5/6/P1 - not Type R/RA - 5MT with rear diff to match), Phase I WRX/UK/STi heads (working with cams no cracks), decat standard fit downpipe.

16th August 2004, 06:49
99 UK 5MT any use to you?

Think i have an HKS downpipe lying round somewhere, I'll have a look.

Tomei fuel pump, although everybody seems to shun me whenever I mention them :D

john banks
16th August 2004, 07:59
Thanks, no, it will pop a 99 UK in no time and already has a working one in it - that will pop in no time if used ;) Looking for an open mouth downpipe - HKS one has a block at the wastegate like OEM?

How much for the fuel pump?


16th August 2004, 08:20
I've re-built uk and sti boxes, apart from ratios they seem identical inside.??

Fuel pumps are about 310.

16th August 2004, 08:20
Try rob for turbo, couple of 20g on SN too

john banks
16th August 2004, 08:45
It is for an old shed Cord, nothing posh.

Paul will try thanks.


UK&STi - Harvey and Bob's STi 5MTs are outlasting by about 100-150lbft the torque that the UKs are popping at. Alan Garrod kept popping UK boxes and then STi one has lasted at higher torque for longer.

16th August 2004, 09:34
True John re: gearbox experiences.

Just had mine checked over before replacement engine goes in and only thing builder found was 5th gears' bearing track had grooves in it, so replaced this. Rest of it was fine.

Strange though, cause he made a comment that looking at the boxes, he reckoned the UK gears were a better bet for strength than the Sti. (?)

The only thing i can think of with regard to longevity of the Sti is possibly due to the lower overall gearing with the 4.444 diffs? as against the 3.9's of the UK box.

16th August 2004, 09:35
P.S. I've got a Walbro if interested John.

17th August 2004, 15:26

We have got the following for sale:
- Walbro 255 l/h fuel pumps for 139 Euros incl VAT (roughly 100)
- Sard 280 l/h fuel pumps for 519 Euros incl VAT (350)
- PE 850 cc/min injectors for GC8 version 5/6 for 790 Euros incl VAT for a set of 4 (533)

We have also got Sard fuel pressure regulators, PE kevlar timing belts, turbos and generally everything that is needed to get 450 bhp out of a Subaru Impreza in stock. We do not have injectors for Imprezas version 1-4 in stock as these cars tend to disappear / not get modified much in continental Europe. We can, of course, order them for our customers.

All prices include European VAT and can be delivered (we only pass on our transporter's shipping price to us, packaging is included) anywhere in Europe within 24 or 48 hours (or slower).


CPS Monaco


john banks
17th August 2004, 19:22
Thanks all, fuel pump sorted, still looking for a decent gearbox and TD05.

18th August 2004, 07:05
I though the casing was stiffer on the STi box..