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drb5=Dave McD
8th July 2004, 11:16
been looking for one for roughly 2-3 months now and still no luck. would prefer one that doesn't have major bodywork damage as when it comes to time to sell.....well you know the rest! some bodywork damage and even engine noise is fine and it can have high mileage too. also, prefer one of the earliest, although, looking at the amount of money avaiable, it would need to be, lol :D

drb5=Dave McD
14th July 2004, 06:18
up for luck

14th July 2004, 08:34
Have you looked on E-bay? Or considered Chris B's WRX?

drb5=Dave McD
14th July 2004, 20:16
keep on checking ebay bud, thanks smile.gif

unless chris has ally panels and he can supply it with the engine gearbox and ecu, i doubt i'd go for it. want it complete, so no quibbles about what all is missing or not ;)

i'm sure you understand?! :D

Chris B
14th July 2004, 20:57
You tried glenburgie www.glenburgie-subaru.co.uk (http://www.glenburgie-subaru.co.uk)

He might have one.

drb5=Dave McD
14th July 2004, 21:20
true, but see tbh chris, liam seems to me, very expensive? all the prices you see are over the odd's in my eye's, then you have to add VAT ontop of that!!! maybe i'm too steengy :D , but it looks like i have to be waiting for the right one in euro auto salvage to appear :(

Rob G
14th July 2004, 22:25
Not mine before anyone starts!! i may know of one for sale in the next week.

What is your budget?

1993 Wrx Ra
few goodies, cage, fmic etc.. but will be cheap.


drb5=Dave McD
15th July 2004, 06:42
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tell me :D

sounds good, for all that you've told me ;) but i'd appreciate any more info you have or even having this guy contact me with price, as this IS the deciding factor :rolleyes:

cheers :D

drb5=Dave McD
15th July 2004, 11:44
oh and my budget is between 3 and 4k? or am i being stupid? :D ;)

drb5=Dave McD
16th July 2004, 06:38
top to get ananswer from rob :(

or am i gonna have to see what chris knows about it? :D

Rob G
16th July 2004, 08:50
Hi mate,

Spoke to him last night, he is picking the car up today and wants to check condition etc beofre he puts up for sale. He did say he wants about 5k for it though :(
However, many mods!!

He is gonna give me a call today after he has picked car up.


drb5=Dave McD
16th July 2004, 11:27
unless he sells some bits off it himself, i doubt i'll be getting it :(

drb5=Dave McD
16th July 2004, 20:57
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe, it could be worth considering after all. can you give me full details when they become available? :D

drb5=Dave McD
19th July 2004, 12:39
he he he, ain't rob just THE most wanted man in the UK???!?!?! :D

drb5=Dave McD
20th July 2004, 16:28
rooooooooooooooooob?! :D

Rob G
20th July 2004, 21:54
shit just seen this!!

I honestly thought you had bought it mate!!!

sold two days ago for 4k...

Sorry dude!


drb5=Dave McD
21st July 2004, 06:34

drb5=Dave McD
28th July 2004, 17:38