View Full Version : One Old-Style 60mm White-Faced Defi Gauge

Carl Davey
10th September 2004, 14:23
Ideally i'm looking for Oil Temperature but EGT, Water Temp or Fuel Pressure would all be great provided it meets the following specification.
</font> 60mm (2.75") in size</font> white-faced</font> not Boost Pressure or Oil Pressure</font> preferably the 'non-block' warning light design (more below)</font> preferably in SI Units (Bar, Celcius etc, NOT PSI/Fahrenheit)</font>More on the 'block warning lights': the gauge i'm looking for will preferably have the two small light displays as per the gauge below.


The new SI Unit gauges have a block display like the gauge below.


After some investigation i think it is only the most recent SI Unit gauges which have the later display. So any early SI Unit gauges should be fine. smile.gif

It also transpires i'm looking for a Link (Control Unit to guage) cable as well if anyone can help?

Ta for now,