View Full Version : Wanted Sti 7/8 intercooler

17th April 2004, 12:56
Anyone upgrading to a larger intercooler with the intention to sell their old unit. Let me know, the cash is waiting.

callum ferguson
17th April 2004, 22:01
It may be worth giving Roger Clark's a ring as they may still have one for sale ;) It is complete with the Y pipe and red hose and is in good condition :D

18th April 2004, 03:07
Thanks I will do that first thing Monday.
How did you find out about it.

callum ferguson
18th April 2004, 07:10
It's mine - I took it down to RCM because a Midlands Scoobynet member wanted it until he discovered it was too big for his Forester. Simon may still have it for sale but I can't be sure ATM. Hope it fits the bill smile.gif

callum ferguson
20th April 2004, 15:55
Intercooler sold this afternoon
Many thanks to whoever bought it :D