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9th October 2004, 23:14
Help please,

My check engine light has come a few times and when I checked the code it is No:23 MAF
Anyone know where I can get a Mass air flow sensor for my 22B and dose it have to be off a 22B will one from an 98 sti type R do.


10th October 2004, 21:22
I don't think that the MAF on a 22B is any different to one found on any Sti4, or even an MY98 UK...although I could be wrong

Rob G
10th October 2004, 21:40
Pretty sure the UK98 one is in a smaller tube.

But yes the 22b is the same as STi ver3/4 MAF wise.


10th October 2004, 22:49
Good to hear it's the same as an Sti Ver 3/4.

Thanks for your help lad's now I just have to decide beteen a new one or a second hand one.


12th October 2004, 11:05
Part number is: 22680-AA271-A36-612-R71

They are in short supply in the UK at the moment. Try Roger Clarke Motorsport as they may have one (be expensive though).


13th October 2004, 20:09
Thanks for the help lads got one today in the north of Ireland from McKeevers car Breakers PH No:028 87740067.

22B is back to itself now savage.