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25th April 2004, 17:57
52mm white faced dials wanted for boost, oil temp, oil pressure or if you dont have boost I will take a fuel pressure gauge.

Would be great if a dash top cubby and the control unit is included. Oh yes its for a classic shape MY00

Will also consider a Defi digital display + control unit.

Mail me directly, thwane@spg.co.za


25th April 2004, 18:23
I was recently pointed in the direction of these guys: http://www.greenline.jp

They ship worldwide and so far have been most helpfull

25th April 2004, 20:15
Unfortunately i cannot afford them new mate, but thanks anyway smile.gif

5th May 2004, 19:03

Rob G
6th May 2004, 02:15
I have brand new Oil temp and pressure which i am about to put up for sale, not looking for brand new money though.

New so obviously unused...

170 for the pair.


drb5=Dave McD
6th May 2004, 21:37
:eek: stunnin deal there m8! dont spose you have an egt and fuel pressure bf's there too? :D ;)

Rob G
7th May 2004, 01:50
Sorry mate i dont :(

I bought the gauges to fit to my car and have since picked up some different ones.


drb5=Dave McD
7th May 2004, 06:37
i figured not. not many people do