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26th March 2004, 18:14
Im currently in the market to buy a 22B
Have seen a few very nice examples on the market. Would be most grateful for any info on the cars and what i should be looking for and also avoiding.
I have heard some horror stories about people buying them and then the car being off the road for months due to lack of parts availability. How true are these runours ?
Is it true that Subaru no longer make replacement parts for them ?
Im currently driving a P1. Just always wanted the 22B

26th March 2004, 20:03
true you can struggle to get body parts for the 22b, but it isnt all that bad.

You can get fake spoilers and we have access to the mould for one front wing, I have a spare front and back bumper and we now have people who can mould the wings from undamaged cars whilst still on the car so it isnt a big deal.

I know of a very nice example for around the 29k mark if you want one. Think it has done 8k miles from new and is immaculate.

31st March 2004, 12:27
i have been offered a very nice looking 22B and they will take my P1 in Part ex.
Its a stunning looking car with a lot of Prodrive extra's on it. Apparently it was Roland Hall's old car and he was manager of the All Stars side of things in Prodrive. does anyone know this car ?

5th April 2004, 13:34
sorry don't know of the car.

what kind of money are they asking?