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5th November 2004, 01:40
Four wheels, O/E STi 8 please.

10th November 2004, 08:59
Are you worried about condition (ie do you want highly polished mint ones), or are you happy to accept ones with a bit of brake dust, perhaps the odd stone chip but no kerbing marks ?

With/without tyres ?

I know of a few sets that are available, but it depends on what you are looking for and how much.


10th November 2004, 16:23
They are to go on a new (ish) STi 8 in black which is going for SVA. Wheels only, or with O/E tyre fitment, preferably gold. Would consider less than perfect if price was attractive enough to send for refurbishment. thanks.

10th November 2004, 16:33
If someone has a kerbed one laying around that runs true but looks a mess I'd be interested rather than carrying my space saver :rolleyes: :D

11th November 2004, 09:30

perhaps don't quite have what you wanted in that case:

One set in anthracite (OEM colour for wheels that the WR1 came into the country on), complete with RE-070 tyres (superb in the dry, nice stiff sidewalls) with about 4 - 5mm left on them (done 4,000 miles) . Very Good condition, no kerb marks, stone chips etc. Looking for about 420 + delivery.

The other set are in gold. No kerb marks, no tyres, but lots of brake dust - particularly behind the spokes, and would need quite a bit of cleaning (ie several hours!). Boxed up for about 280 + delivery. I'll need to check these ones are still available though, as I've not seen the owner for a few weeks.

15th November 2004, 09:00
The gold set described above are no longer available - already been cleaned and awaiting new tyres to be fitted this week.

Discovered another set available here locally. Gold, near mint condition (only very slight marks where the original "hammer onto outside of rim" balance weights were), only covered 1,000 miles - currently fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1s, in 225/45x17, which themselves have done just under 1,000 miles. Open to offers.

15th November 2004, 11:59
I would be interested in the anthracite set, or in fact any more that you know of


15th November 2004, 17:46

do you need the tyres as well, or is it just the rims you are interested in. I bought the anthracite wheels and RE-070 tyres a few months ago, but have now switched to my winter tyres, so they are sitting the garage. I'll get them cleaned up and some photos taken if you are interested.

There are still some new sets of these doing the rounds at dealers, so could check-out a price and availability on new ones for you (most were charging 750 - 800 for a set).


16th November 2004, 09:37
I am in need of new tyres, so I'm looking at good value used wheel/tyre combos.


16th November 2004, 11:11

will get them cleaned up and photos taken, so you can see how much tread there's left, and the condition of the wheels. If you're still interested, then just make an offer on them.



25th December 2004, 06:52
hi john,

can you send me pics as well please?

you can send them to robingalloway@hotmail.com

thanks m8.

29th December 2004, 10:36
Originally posted by Simon_:
If someone has a kerbed one laying around that runs true but looks a mess I'd be interested rather than carrying my space saver :rolleyes: :D again smile.gif

22nd January 2005, 19:33
see here too... found a set for sale