View Full Version : Coolant temperature sensor for a MY94

20th July 2004, 12:28
As title, wanted a MY94 coolant temperature sensor. Must be in good working order. smile.gif

20th July 2004, 13:50
www.hdcsubaru.com (http://www.hdcsubaru.com)

tell howard I sent you.

Tone Loc
20th July 2004, 20:16
Paul.... programmer finally posted. Should be with you Thursday.

Have you logged on selmon what the sensor is doing? Is it actually fooooooooooooked (ooooooo me grapes... )? Sorry if you've answered that... don't get much time to do any reading at the moment :(


20th July 2004, 21:10
Tony, not yet, but it's a fair bet with my car that it's probably gone. Should run a log into work tomorrow. Ta for the programmer.

David, e-mailed them this evening, ta !