View Full Version : breaking wrx with good spec (simtec/brembos/cdb/pff7s)

8th July 2010, 11:10
here we have a version 1 wrx with a few ice goodies fitted car has lost a bit ov compresson according to form it seems to drive fine to me so not 100% on this iv used the car for last few days and pulls very stronge bit smoky out the catch tank but apart from that it seems fine

all parts will be removed over next few days and will be avaible towards the week end so please be patient for more detailed pics ect

all parts are based on collection some may be posted at extra cost so please ask

collection from walsall west midlands call or tx for quick reply


early sti closed deck engine lost some compression according to form but seems to drive and run fine to me so not 100% sure sold as a long block no inlet/fly/clutch/exh manifold good stronge engine rollin roaded at 360bhp with graphs so not sure if iunternals uprated at all 450

simtec ecu with anti lag and lunch control activated mapped by jgm made 361bhp twin maps ect also air sensor and wiring ect 800
pics to follow

autobahn fmic with all pipe work and hoses all in good con pipe work doesnt seem to be the usal set up but works well 160

fuellab fuel pressure reg with gauge 3pot for easy parrel fuel rails complete with fuel rail adapter 180

phase 2 440cc injectors with carl davey fitting kit for early cars all in good working order 90complete
pics to follow

oil catch tank in good con complete with rubber pipe work 30

rodger clark large k&n filter with spun trummpet to fit version 5 or 6 maf sensors may fit others aswell all good con 80

3" decat down pipe twin dump desing narrows to 2.5" at the flange to fit most std and after market middle sections all good con 75

apexi resonator delete pipe good con 30

ported std headers with up pipe all heat wrapped decent con 60
better pics to follow

wrx gearbox good working order holding 360/350 no problems sweet gear changes no whines crunches or wines complete with matching rear diff 250
codes and pics to follow

api modded excedy clutch good for 400/400 only covered 1000miles all will be checked once removed 100
pics to follow

api lightened flywheel skimmed also covered only 1000miles with new clutch 80
pic to follow

4x single coil packs all semm in very good con will be checked for cracks once removed 80set
pics to follow

phase 1 inlet comepte with tb and idle control valve 25
pics to follow

phase 1 fuel rails with basic parrel fuel lines good cheap system works well 30 complete with pipes
pics to follow

good con rad looks new infact complete with twin fans 45
pics to follow

jap spec slim washer bottle good con 15
picsd to follow


pff7 replica wheels in 18" good con have been painted and could do with it again as some small flakes and slight bubbling on paint underneth on 1 ov the spokes all straight 1 has very minor curbing all fitted with brand new goodyear tyres only covering few 100 miles if that all in 215/40/18s 400

minor curbing

brembo gold front cailpers with very good con 2 piece grooved disks and uprated pads all perfect working order disks and pads have around 90% life left in them 680

single pot rear cailpers with groove and drilled disks and good pads all dood working order 50complete

cusco brake stopper in good con 25

suspention to be comfirmed sits lower and stiffer than std so details to follow once removed

sti strut brace good con 40

alloy bottom arms all good con 60set
pics to follow

22b replica front bumper in fibre glass good rep with built in grill like orignal and fog covers has small crack on bottom easy fix for body shop in silver 120
pics to follow

front bumper with sti genuin fog covers cut out for fmic decent con paint work needs attention 50minus indercators 65 with indercators

front wings in good con few very minor dinks nothing that wont push out no rust 40pair

sti hi rise spoiler version 5 rep but very good 1 copmplete wiuth working brake light 150 or 170 complete with boot lid

good con boot lid holes drilled for hi rise spoilers all good con 30

facelift genuin crystal headlights in good con 80pair

version 5/6 3d front grill in good con 60 with pink badge

front and rear spats genuin items all good con 70

un painted skirts in good con 30set

clear front bumper indercators good con 20
pics to follow

clear side repeaters good con 15
pics to follow

std rear light in good con 30
pics to follow

electric folding mirrors good con 30pair
pics to follow


wrx red/gray front reasr seats fronts are in very good con no rips tears or sagging hard to find in this con rear bench has 2 small fag burns in bottom bench tho apart from that there in good con 80set

rare lamco dails single din fitting boost/volts/temp all in good working order orange needles have lost slight bit ov colour not really noticable tho complete with wiring and any sensors 100

apexi turbo timer with volt metre and air/fuel ration meter built in all good working order complete with wiring harness 70

wrx door cards all good con complete with switch gear ect 30set

razo gearknob good con 20

links to pictures on snet
all trims bits ect avaible please ask

8th July 2010, 18:56
Got a picture of RCM filter and trumphet?

How mush for just the Fuelab reg?

8th July 2010, 21:51
hi bud fuel lap is 180 the fuel adapter is just there bud

and for pic ov rcm filter click on the link at bottom ov the ad the pics are all there bud