View Full Version : fully forged 2.33 cdb engine for sale

11th March 2010, 18:13
ok due to major plans in my life i have my engine up for grabs that i was going to fit into my type r but due to heading in a different direction in life i need the funds from it to do so

the engine has never been run so still a fresh build also tho been put together for nearly 10months its just sat about the insides are stil sparkling and new

the spec goes as

2.2 cdb with under piston jets
rear thrust coversion and rebore by smg
brandnew 2.5 79mm nitridge crank
corillio h section forged con rods
oversize stroker pistons poss corillio also
acl race bearing used all round

multy layer steel head gaskets
apr head stud conversion
std used sti 4 heads and valve train
smg modded hi flow oil pump
new water pump

im sorry im bit vague on the discriuption but i brought the engine like this from a fellow memeber who is hightly regarded on here at current state the engine has not got the sump attached so internals can be seen and comfirmed also the oil pump isnt fitted or the timing gear due to this i can get all this re fitted if the price is right so its ready to drop in

please note there is no headers or inlet manifold are included

this should be a very useable engine to around the 500bhp mark with surporting mods and will make for a awesome quick car

collection only from walsall west midlands offers around 3500

more pics to follow when i get chance to take some

internals still with assemble oil on



closed deck block hatching marks


11th March 2010, 18:49
Would you spilt and sell me the bottom end?
PM me with a price if you wish
Also who did the build?


11th March 2010, 18:53
hi bud sorry im not splitting it it be shame to really

11th March 2010, 22:40
No problem, I have cossy heads already so just looking for a decent bottom end for when I push my own to far!

If your plans change then just PM me


11th March 2010, 23:07
So its gone up for sale huh.....oh well such is life. Good Luck with this Matt not that you should need it.

Col you could always buy it and just sell the heads...

11th March 2010, 23:13
cheers linky il bare you in mind bud

cheers baly its just as we talked about baly i need to do this 1 thing forst then the car can be played with afterwards mate hopefully she go to a good home where it be used how its intended to be mate

13th March 2010, 19:36
Hi Baly, hows things..

Off topic but the rally car engine I built for Donnie is sweet!!...

It made 340 bhp and 350 ft lbs at 1.2 Barg according to the graphs, so a good result. Think my head mod worked well although was a bit worried about running quite a high CR that i worked out. I have another build to do in a couple of months for someone and think I'll use the same formula ;)

Would love to buy the engine complete but dont have the cash as have to keep some aside for all the bits I'm going to buy of Mark!!!


20th March 2010, 14:25
Thats great news Col, pretty much maxing out the turbo i would say..

Lol at worried about head mod, you would have been if you had used the original set Donnie did, what was the overall CR on his engine?

Keep me posted on your build and keep in touch might be able to get hold of some more discounts from certain people.