View Full Version : ROTA GRID DRIFTS 18X 9.5J 100PCD

14th September 2011, 19:28
sold sold sold

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Ian w
14th September 2011, 20:31
Would you sell before the refurb mate? If so how much?

14th September 2011, 21:13
What offset are they mate

14th September 2011, 22:53
That is a stunning car there fella :cool:

15th September 2011, 06:41
Would also like to no offset :)

15th September 2011, 07:57
ian sorry mate the refurb is already on the way we are selling as listed only now

wrxbart sorry i forgot about the off set its et38 mate

toffee cheers for comment mate bit sad the car was written off a few months back but the new 1 will be bigger and better smile.gif

gipa et 38 mate cheers

all pm's replied the wheels are to be sold as there listed only and the first to offer 650 gets them as there is alot of interest in these now cheers

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John Stevenson
15th September 2011, 08:47
Originally posted by mattybr5:

wrxbart sorry i forgot about the off set its et28 mate

gipa et 38 mate cheers

Matt, make your mind up !! ;)

15th September 2011, 19:09
well spitted john its a typo the et is 38 il amend the pm now cheers