View Full Version : sti 4 engine spares or repairs

4th January 2010, 20:38

due to to going down 2.5 rout iv decided to sell on my engine out my type as it has lost compresson in number 1 cylinder i think(1 nearist the battery)

i believe its down to rings but not 100% could just be head gasket perfect pre running order rebuilt by prevous owner (another memeber on here) less than 6ooomiles ago

bottom end was sweet as a nut no knocks or rattles so crank rods and even piston should be perfect and heads are mint also as we have inspected all when looking with the snap on bore camera

heads are genuin sti 4 heads all again all mint and still complete and fitted to the engine

i ideally want to sell as a complete engine as it should be a good build for some 1

its still fitted at the mo but will be getting removed in next couple days it be sold as a long engine no other parts attached

open to offers

collection from walsall west midlands

call or tx 07785942237