11th January 2010, 19:11
its getting hard keeping track ov 2threads so all parts are now list in 1 ad any info or extra pictures needed please ask cheers

all parts are plus delievery if needed or collection more than welcome from walsall west midlands

call/tx/pm or if preffered email me

email address


call or tx for a quicker reply cheers


blitz daul turbo timer with loom in mint working order when removed complete with own wiring loom sadly no instructions £40

sti phase 1.5 440cc injectors all in good working condition will be removed and checked over £70

performance panel filter orignally fitted to my sti version 4 believe its simota or simlier very good con re useable filter makes a good sound also £20

fuel filler neck pipe in very good con removed from very low milage sti ver 4 wagon should fit all classics no holes and very minimal surface corrison getting hard to find with out and leaks now £30

sti 4 3plug ecu mint working order £60

1x 3port solinoid both in good working order £35

damaged 3" open neck sports cat..cat in good con but some tool has jacked the car up on ther last part ov the down pipe and crushed the pipe so it would need cutting out and piecing should be easy fix and make for a cheap sports cat £50

version 3/4 mint working coilpack £40

2x power steering lines with built in cooler £25

automatic starter motor believe to be same as 6speed items very good con £40

standard vers 3/4 re circ valve and pipe work £20

mint metal header tank no rust or corrsion £30

2 port solinoid good working order £20

standard version 3/4 top mount good con with all pipe work £20

version 3/4 inlet mainfold bare in very good con £sold

standard middle section exhaust good con £20

version 1/4 cam covers in very good con complete set £30set

2x early plastic header tank mint con no leaks £25

ver 5 sti ecu possably been ecotekked already but carnt comfirm runs perfect on car and pulled very strong £50

3x starter motors both good working order no sticking or noises £25 each

3x alternators all good working order when removed £25each

std flywheels x2 good working order no juddering £15 each

2x standard headers good con no blowing £20each

washer bottles uk with washer pumps and smaller jap spec 1 £10 each

water bolt bracket for intercooler spray kit (bracket only) £10


complete type r v limited interior this is the wrc version with the trophy stiched into the centre ov front seats in mint con no rips or tears and all bolsters mint also complete with rear seats also mint con also complete with all doors cards again mint con and complete £350 complete
more pics to follow

drivers side bolsters still in mint con

sti facelift dash with rare top glove box complete with all jap spec double din trim parts minus clocks £100

2x wagon load cover in excellent conditon and perfect working order £30

wagon boot trim all complete and excellent conditon £20 complete
pics to follow

standard automatic clocks good working order £30

classic water spray button £10

classic 260mph speedo cluster iv only ever seem 1 set ov these up for sale before so very rare £35

version 1/2 sti rear sued rear bench good con will be cleaned before sale no rips or burns £20

version 5 uk spec blue flec front and rear seats good con no rips or burns £100

uk spec ver 5 clocks good working order £30

uk facelift dash good con complete with air bag
clocks and centre consol not included £50

x2 facelift centre consol good con complete £40 each

3x black carpets good con £20 each

wiper arms sets most in good con few sets left £15 front sets

ALL INTERIOR PLASTICS AVAILBLE facelift and pre facelift including dashes and most plastic trims PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS


genuin sti big top and middle level spoilers in very good con fixing point cover is missing from the top spoiler tho 6quid from subaru or use your old 1s £120pair or £200 complete with mint boot lid

facelift wagon rear bumper in very good con no cracks or bumps complete with colour coded hockey sticks in 406 silver £40

fuel filler cap cover very good con in 406 silver £10

colour coded 406 silver side skirts good con £30set

electric folding colour coded wing 406 mirrors excellent working order £40pair

standard un painted side skirts excellent condition £25pair

standard fog lights excellent conditon no chips or anything £35 pair

standard side lights good con see pics above £10pair

cassic pre facelift front bumper royal silver paint nneds re doing £20 pics to follow

facelift unpainted uk spec electric wing mirrors good con £25pair

2x uk spec saloon rear lights all good con £25 pair

prefacelift head lights 1 electric adjustable set all good con £25set

std side lights 2x sets all good con £10 set


unknown 15"wheels used to keep car movable ideal to keep your motor off the ground while you have yours refurbec £30 set

standard 15" 5spoke subaru wheels fitted to early ra with polised lip and dark centre all good con tyres arent up to much tho £30set
pics to follow


big brembo cailpers believed to be from a evo 7/8 i was going to use these on my rears for my type r and have some brackets made up and run 290mm disks but carnt be bothered any more with the car so there up for grabs if any use to any 1 i believe godspped and others do the bracket for these cailpers to mount to the front ov most subaru's so could be a cheap upgrade over the gold versions there pretty ligh considering the size and are in perfect working order there are pads included but are used as pictured £150 pair

steel bottom arms good con £30 set

good con power steering rack £40

2pot front cailpers all good con complete with disks and pads £30 complete
pics to follow

standard 1pot rear cailpers and disks and pads £30 set

ra none abs wheel hubs all good con also i have normal abs hubs full sets and drive shafts £15 each


H8 EVD (Hate Evo) £850 OVVNO

link to a thread containing all the pictures ov all the parts listed please look on here if any parts are needed


i have loads more bits that would take me forever to list so if you dont see the item you need please ask i may have it cheers

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1st February 2010, 17:46
list now up dated with some new parts pm if any pics needed

1st February 2010, 20:29
can you remove the sold parts from the list, would be much easier to sift through!

1st February 2010, 20:43
260mph speedo?? Lol

1st February 2010, 20:59
funny but true christian. STI did a 260km/h speedo which is then 260mph with a converter!

2nd February 2010, 14:35
posts being removed for you paul id just copied and pasted the link so didnt think to remove the sold items

and yeah the 260mph speedo looks bit odd as the needle hardly moves at normal speeds but the little kids love it when they see it and say you car does 260mph smile.gif

2nd February 2010, 14:42
posted edited all sold items removed and few pics added and zoldberg iv put a pic up ov the 260mph clocks just for you

5th February 2010, 08:17
have you still got thr ra doors ???

5th February 2010, 10:02
no mate sorry they went some time ago

18th February 2010, 15:44
pms replied and list updated

9th March 2010, 16:35
list updated