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5th July 2010, 05:53
here we have a massive collection ov parts all together to save having 3 differnent threads going at once

all parts are based on collection only some may be posted at extra cost so please ask

collection from walsall west midlands call or tx for quick reply 07785942237

here is a link for all the pictures for the parts http://bbs.scoobynet.com/private-for-sale-general-17/840373-classic-sti-wrx-uk-parts-std-and-uprated-parts.html#post9480403


ENGINE mint running version 5/6 phase 2 engine no smoke rattles ect pulls very stronge car has done 79 thou engine has had sti metal head gaskets fitted at some point in its life also cambelt also fitted by prevous owner 5k ago sold as a long block inc clutch and fly wheel also exhuast manifold

turbo and complete inlet will be removed
better pics to follow once removed

sti 4 gearbox and matching rear diff orignally surplied by my self from low milage 45000 version4 sti wagon in perfect working order has only covered few tho mils since fitted to this motor perfect gearchanges very smooth includes sti short shift selector and matching rear diff and drive shafts £400

2.5" going to 3" straight threw exhaust system in stainless steel 5" exit all in very good con £120


version 5/6 inlet painted in red not the best job all complete minus injectors/coilpack £60

phase 2 440cc yellow injectors all in very good working order £60
pics to follow

version 5/6 coilpack excellent working con £35

version 5/6 good working maf sensor £40

2 port boost solinoid later spec blue 1 in good working order £20
pics to follow

std cat down pipe in good working order £50
version 5/6 inlet painted in red not the best job all complete minus injectors/coilpack £60

baileys dump valve good working con sounds nice £40

near new flamer kit £25

good working con green label maf £40

1x 3" decat down pipe twin dump design in very good con narrows down to 2.5" aty the flange to fit most exhausts £70
better pics to follow

3"cat back system going to 3.5" before back box with 5" slightly angled exit sounds awesome nice and loud when giving it the beans complete with bung beleive to be steel but not 100% on that still in very good con £100

version 3/6 power steering pump in excellent working con pipe work not inc £45

lamba sensor 3 wire excellent con £40

sti VERSION 3 3plug ecu good working con produces 1.2bar £70
pics to follow

1x sets ov the steel cam wheels found on very early sti cars ideal for the version 1/4 bake light plastic wheels great up grade due to strengh £40set

phase 2 cross over pipe ideal for the 2.5 conversions complete with sensors£25

good working green label maf £45

3x good con classic rads twin and single fans avaible all good con no leaks ect £45each

2bolt single coilpacks all in very good con no cracks or anything £80quid set

ver 1/2 std tmic good con £15

std middle section in good con no blowing ect £20
(pics to follow)

stainless steel back box looks like sti gerome in good con sonds nice without being loud £50

bottle type pas pump good working order no leaks or noise's £30
(pics to follow)

version 2 uk wagon ecu good working order £30

2x power steering lines with built in cooler £25

automatic starter motor believe to be same as 6speed items very good con £40

mint metal header tank no rust or corrsion £30

standard version 3/4 top mount good con with all pipe work £20

2x early plastic header tank mint con no leaks £25

3x starter motors both good working order no sticking or noises £25 each

alternators 2 pin and 3 pin avaible all good working order when removed £25each

washer bottles uk and smaller jap spec avaible washer pumps £10 each

v1/2 water bottle bracket for intercooler spray kit (bracket only) £10

manual speedo converer for cable driven cars in good working con £25
pics to follow

version 3/4 inlet manifold near complete minus coilpack/injectors £30
pics to follow

version 1/2 inlet near complete £20
pics to follow

white line wire rear drop links in good working order bush are good could do with a paint tho £25

3sets ov alloy bottom arms in good con £60 per pair

speedline turini wheels in 17" not long been paints but not perfect still look good tho no curbing at all complete with fedral rain sprt tyres all round fronts have around 6mmtread and rears around 4mm so all legal in 215/45/17

tei 17" wheels in decent con some curbing and polished lips need attention but clear std 4pot cailpers no probs tyres dont look in
best con fronts defo need changing £80set

steel bottom arm good con £30pair
pics to follow

2pot front cailpers all good con complete with disks and pads £30 complete
pics to follow

standard 1pot vented rear cailpers and disks and pads £30 set

ra none abs wheel hubs all good con also i have normal abs hubs full sets and drive shafts £25 each


rear facelift bumper with hockey sticks in good con £25

mid level spoiler with boot lid in very good con £65pair

front wings in good con no visable rust few minor dinks shoule push out tho when removed £40pair

unpainted side skirts in good con £30pair

prefacelift grill good con £15

rear lights in good con saloon fitment £25pair

sti carbon rear badge good con £20

electric folding mirrors good con £30pair

facelift headlights good con no cracks ect £30pair

crystal fog lights in good con and orignal subaru 1s £60pair

smoothed boot in good con has had small line deleted looks good job £30

standard rear wagon lights in good con £30pair
pics to follow

fuel filler cap cover very good con in 406 silver £10

standard un painted side skirts excellent condition £25pair

standard fog lights excellent conditon no chips or anything £35 pair

facelift unpainted uk spec electric wing mirrors good con £25pair

2x uk spec saloon rear lights all good con £25 pair

std side lights 2x sets all good con £10 set

momo aftermarket steering wheel needs a clean complete with boss £30

rare centre arm rest in very good con £40

aftermarket subaru gearshifter subaru badge on top £20

version 3 type r dccd sti clocks 101000 showing all inm excellent working con £60

rare sti pedal set all good con full set £70

ver1/2 sti spec door cards all in very good contion no wear or tear complete with switch gear £40

sti facelift dash with rare passanger top glove box complete with all jap spec double din trim parts minus clocks £100

2x wagon load cover in excellent conditon and perfect working order £30


standard automatic clocks good working order £30

version 1/2 sti rear sued rear bench good con will be cleaned before sale no rips or burns £20

uk spec ver 5 clocks good working order £30

early prefacelift steering wheel squib for air back equipped cars £25

uk facelift dash good con complete with air bag
clocks and centre consol not included £50

x2 facelift centre consol good con complete £40 each

1x black carpets good con £20 each

uk spec wagon rear seats in good con with head rests£25

sti red stich momo v5/6 steering wheel very good con with air bag £70

smoked boost gauge in a a piller pod good working con £30inc pod

std version 2 uk spec speedo clusters £20
pics to follow

sony 250watt 2 channel amp good working order £25


H8 EVD (Hate Evo) £850 OVVNO

please click on link for all pictures for parts