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25th February 2006, 14:50
All opinions are mine and do not reflect those of others. I'm not the best driver in the world so my opinion will not reflect a pro. My Opinion changes hourly! I treat my cars with huge respect and no speed limits were broken.


Sun was out today, Porsche fitted my 6 point harnesses Wednesday, had the car cleaned yesterday, and needed to drive into the sticks to deliver a mobile phone.


So this would be the first proper drive, on dry roads, since owning the car, and now that I'm more used to the car.

Took me about 10 minutes to adjust my driving position and get comfortable with the harnesses, I eventually got comfy then did them up nice and tight I was firmly secured!

First few roads were very uneven with strange cambers all over the place, so it was like a rollercoaster ride, best way to get past it was to hold on very tight with a nice slow speed. :Suspiciou

On finding good tarmac the 'twitchiness' disappeared instantly, the car planted itself and begged to be pushed. I applied power, then more, hmmm then some more the RS stayed firm and flew round the corners faster than a stolen RS Turbo ;)

I'm sure you all have your favourite bits of roads, your 'test' tracks, I certainly do, my old CSL was twitchy around my test track, but the RS is different, it's firm and not nervous putting the power down easily. You don't need traction control as the car just has soooo muchhhhh grip.

Phone delivered it's time to go home, but I can't! I'm addicted to the car and I need more, so down to Bradwell on some lovely B roads, chavs at bus stops gasp as you roar past, small children pull on their mummies coats and you here them scream "Mummy A Race Car!". Even Had an OAP nearly crash his mobility quad and his craned his neck to see the RS's fine lines! Just when you think it can't get any better a scoob in the opposite direction flashes and gives the thumbs up :thumb: :luvlove:

Arrive at Bradwell and run out of road so turn around, surely it must be time to go home, but I still can't so it's off to Hanningfield for some more B road action, I pull the harnesses even tighter and crest round a sweeping bend, speed increases but the car still wants more at this rate I may even reach the 70mph speed limit! ;) ;)

I was driving on my own, and the car actually made me laugh out loud it's greatness shocks you to the point where it's funny. As a driving experience nothing comes close! If I had to live with my previous cars for a year, OR just have the RS for the year, amazingly I'd take just the RS, it really is *that* good.

So is it the quickest thing on the road? No On UK B roads with dodgy surfaces and cambers don't even bother, you will get bitten. The 911 Turbo would be fine on this roads but the RS is not suited to them. This was built as a track car, and that has to be factored into daily driving. Speed bumps and sharp inclines really are a problem.

So surely this means the 911 Turbo is the better car? No Of course on the track the RS is quicker, but I'm doing a road test here not a track test, track test will be later. The Turbo is so composed, so easy, so thoughtless, dare I say it, it's almost too easy, and maybe even boring. A drive in the Turbo is a non event, it's fast, VERY fast, but with no feel. The RS is so much of an experience you need to write in your diary when you plan on driving it! Book a days annual leave just to fall in love with it! ;) :luvlove:

The M3 CSL is a fine bit of kit, even sounds better than the RS, but I find it too nervous, too twitchy, and I found out the hard way as it went into a ditch and approx 50mph (in a 60).
The 996 Turbo is fast, very fast, but clinical, understated. It's a fine car, luxury & speed, maybe in 10 years time....
The RS, it sounds like a supercar, it looks like a supercar, it feels like a supercar, it goes like a supercar....

It IS a supercar

I'll be camped outside the OPC with my deposit for the 997 RS. I've searched for a car that I love everything about, never found it. Until now*

* I best not drive the F430 then ;) ;)

drb5=Dave McD
25th February 2006, 15:40
There is NO perfect car. It may be a perfect car for one person, but for another, it ain't!

Excellent right up, even if it is copied from SNET. ;) tongue.gif

Only found out the other day, what happened to the CSL! :eek: Poor show. :( But you've got summit much better IMHO. ;)

When you drivin north of the border again?! :D :cool:

25th February 2006, 16:12
Took most of the front bumper with it :eek:


Come over to Ring on May Day bank holiday :cool:

25th February 2006, 21:04
My understanding from friends who are into slightly less expensive Porsches is that the 996 Mk1 GT3 offers the best compromise for a road going 911...compliant suspension, N/A throttle response, fun at sane speeds on the road...I still think the RS is a track car first, road car second and would I'd love one :D

I'm glad to hear that you can still enjoy your car on the road; it certainly isn't like that for me anymore :(

I've given up all hope of enjoying driving on public roads these days...maybe it's the areas I tend to have had my most spirited driving experiences in (Beds, Berks, Bucks, Herts, Suffolk, Norfolk and Kent) but the amount of traffic and threat of the mobile camera unit has diminished my enthusiasm of late, hell I'm tooling round in a diesel family hatchback, and not really rushing to put the Impreza back on the road.

It's getting so bad round here (South Beds/Bucks/Herts) that I'm paranoid about taking my eyes of the speedo during daylight hours :( Which as Iím sure you can imagine is having a terrible effect on my road awareness?

This all started when I got caught for speeding in the Impreza in Suffolk, leading to a trip to magistrates court a little over 3 years ago. I was lucky to keep my licence, but unlucky in other respects because it meant I had 3 years of being very careful ahead of me while there were 6 points on my licence. So for those 3 years I resolved to change my attitude to driving on the road, stop using the Impreza everyday (some of that being enforced by mechanical issues) and become a more sensible driver...fat lot of good that's done me...no sooner had those 6 points ceased to count for totting up but an NIP lands on my doorstep, alleging me of once again exceeding the speed limit, and yet again it was from a mobile camera unit...This time though it really didn't make sense, I know how paranoid I've become and how much slower I'm driving, and yet this NIP accuses me of a speed far greater than I am willing to drive, regardless of the car/conditions/road/time etc...but as an honest (too honest really) person I held my hands up and decided to take it on the chin once the albeit ambiguous supporting evidence had been supplied. But it was not over yet, despite identifying myself as the driver, for daring to point out that section 172 is in breech of my human rights and that some of the supporting evidence appeared to be incorrect (note I was not denying it was me, I just wrote a covering letter sent back with the NIP saying that I thought they'd got some details wrong and would they like to check them) I now find myself facing court action yet again! Yep, those nice people at the local camera partnership have decided not to accept my signed NIP and have referred my case to the CPS :rolleyes: joy...I expect that with less than a month to go before the statute of limitations runs out I'll receive a summons to appear before the local magistrates whom I should add are members of the local Safety Camera Partnership...vested interest? Surely not :mad:

Still, it'll be reet...won't it?

Oh and just to emphasise the point, I was heading out through Woburn the other day, and while travelling out of town toward the National speed limit sign I noticed a mobile camera van, cunningly parked behind a wall, some 50 yards inside the 30 limit (if you were coming into the town from the other direction) I was so paranoid that I had to watch my speedo the entire way along this 500 yard long stretch of road that passes a hall (with playgroup) and public swimming pool, to ensure I was within the posted limit while this 'Safety' unit was in view...I know I stayed below the limit, but I still think I'm going to get an NIP turn up! It's just becoming impossible to drive safely these days, being aware of real hazards, rather than these false ones which really only punish our wallets and do nothing to make us better safer drivers.

Something has to change soon, the current political obsession with speed is unhealthy, and is not making the roads safer...as a case in point, I have become so transfixed with regulating my speed that I'm becoming a much less aware driver, and by this I mean; before the current speed obsession I was always on the look out for potential hazards first, worrying about my speed second, as it should be IMHO, now I find myself having to concentrate more on my speed rather than on the world around me.

Sorry, rant over ;)

26th February 2006, 06:34
I also started feeling the same, so started going Germany more and more. When they bring in the EU wide points system, and speed limits in Germany then it's time to take up another hobby!

I went London last night, in a mini cooper S, spent most of the germany checking my speed and worrying about cameras! :(

drb5=Dave McD
26th February 2006, 09:53
That's maybe half my problem. Got done for doing over a ton in my first scoob. :(

Poor show abou the CSL. I take it after that, you simply didn't want it anymore??

I'd love to take a trip over, but i doubt it'll be any time soon. :(

26th February 2006, 11:46
Originally posted by NeVeTaS:
When they bring in the EU wide points systemLook on the bright side, it means we will get an answer to the question

"Can a measure which breaches International Law [S 172 Road Traffic Act 1988] remain in place once the EU has declared competence in the area of road safety?" :D

26th February 2006, 20:47
Thats a bit georgeous Steve, when can i thrash this one then? :D

26th February 2006, 20:50
Originally posted by drb5=Dave McD:
I'd love to take a trip over, but i doubt it'll be any time soon. :( You can come over with us at Easter Dave, 'ring will be too busy to do many laps so it will tie in with your not taking part in case it breaks philosophy ;) tongue.gif

If that's too soon for you we'll be over again at the end of August (Spa with BaT :cool: ).

FWIW I share the same fear of driving quickly on our roads, after every journey (whether or not I go above the posted limit) I'm scared of the post for the next 3 weeks.

drb5=Dave McD
26th February 2006, 20:59
Cheers very much, Rob! :cool:

Might take you up on the offer. Boot full of beer for the co-driver is it?! :D http://smilies.vidahost.com/contrib/ruinkai/drinkA.gif

27th February 2006, 21:23
You haven't seen the size of the boot on my car, have you - not much risk of you getting drunk on the amount of beer you can fit in there tongue.gif It's not much bigger than the one in Steve's GT3 RS, and should have been the same size, but I bought the RX rather than taking a loan out for a MkI 996 GT3 (stupid mistake, but never mind).

Still waiting for everyone to decide on how they are travelling over, sure we'll find somewhere to put you if you don't want to take your own car though.

drb5=Dave McD
27th February 2006, 21:43
Appreciate it anyways, bud.

Hopefully i'll be able to get my own car out there anyway. http://www.ashlyn.plus.com/gifs/rally.gif

BTW, how did you and Al get on with yer pump?

28th February 2006, 10:34
So Steve, I know you've been looking (http://www.pistonheads.com/porsche/default.asp?storyId=13243), have you got your camping gear out yet? tongue.gif

I want... (http://www.porsche.com/all/originmotorsport/uk.aspx)

I'd better troupe off down to my Folks near Tonbridge and get looking around the back lanes for an abandoned 7.5 tonner ;)

28th February 2006, 10:40
As nice as the 997 GT3 is, I'm holding out for the 997 GT3 RS. :D :D

28th February 2006, 10:42
I'd better troupe off down to my Folks near Tonbridge and get looking around the back lanes for an abandoned 7.5 tonner ;) [/QB]:D :D

28th February 2006, 10:46
I've signed up for the blurb and asked to be informed of the UK OPC launch, not that I can afford one, but I'd still like a look...and a drive ;)

28th February 2006, 10:51
Indeed, I did the same when on the ferrari F430 lol

28th February 2006, 12:41
Hmmm, very nice :D Can I shout at you in this one as well? ;)


28th February 2006, 12:43
Yep, even louder :D

28th February 2006, 18:59
Originally posted by drb5=Dave McD:
BTW, how did you and Al get on with yer pump? Got a 3db drop, still loud at idle, tolerable up to 45mph, then disappears completely above that - all the road noise drowns it out. Will be interesting to see what it is like once I put the interior back in.

28th February 2006, 19:25
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drb5=Dave McD
28th February 2006, 21:13

Bet it sounds luberly though! :D