View Full Version : "Kleeman" merecedes !!

London Luke
14th February 2006, 23:53
ilke a AMG 55 but it had a "Kleeman" badge. Never heard a mercedes like it... It was like a Spitfire going pass! This thing just lauched itself passed 6 cars doing 70mph like we where all parked up

Just how serious are these cars

fuz ca
15th February 2006, 00:41

London Luke, den diese das domb, Adam sind, würde alle hotties erhalten, wenn er ein hatte

15th February 2006, 08:05
nice: http://www.kleemann.dk/site/Main/carsforsale/clk55ks8

London Luke
15th February 2006, 08:30
It was the last SL series. Weird grey colour. It was tucked in behind me on the morth circ.. then a gap opened and all I heard was the V8 type sound. By the time I worked out what was going on... this car was Gone! Ive seen cars move quickly..... but this was another dimmension!

15th February 2006, 09:16
The Maclaren Merc that overtook me before Flugplatz did the same to me. It proceeded to get 'air' at the rise before the bend - respect due! Great sound as well even when wearing a helmet :D