View Full Version : Porsche VTG on 997 Turbo

john banks
24th November 2005, 23:23


25th November 2005, 00:30
M3 for sale then John? :D

25th November 2005, 00:59
That impellor looks like it could be very heavy, or am I looking at it wrong?

25th November 2005, 01:27
I think that impellor is actually the variable geometry device replacing the exhaust turbine wheel. smile.gif

25th November 2005, 07:53
Look forward to "Daily driver - target 550 BHP/500lbft reliable" thread on Rennlist ;)

25th November 2005, 09:17
It doesn't replace the turbine wheel, the visible part doesn't rotate. It is a series of adjustable vanes which alters both the velocity and the angle of attack of the exhaust gas through the turbine wheel.

Could probably knock up something similar with a few old wastegates n stuff ;)

30th November 2005, 15:23
i believe a couple of lads were trying a variable vane turbo from a diesel car on a renault 5 gtt (rtoc). problems were , i think, that petrol engines have hotter exhaust gasses with no oily lube in them (unlike the diesel donor vehicle) and keeping the boost in check whilst trying to keep as simple as possible exhaust system (for cost).