View Full Version : pipe and slippers for sir? - change on the horizon.. but I need help!

19th September 2005, 11:39
So, recently put my scoob back to standard, (was 340bhp+) and am gutted.

Decided its time to go sensible and I need something to lug family crap about
I dont want a ford/vauxhall/peugeot/renault if at all possible.

Been looking at older BMW's and Audi's.. even 850-R's have had a look in Ideally budget is around 8K max.

So; my BMW questions are these:

* how do I tell what MY a bmw is? example: T reg = E39? can someone please explain it to me?

* Is a 535i or 540i worth it? Or am I best to stick looking at 525/528's?

* Is auto a must on a 5 series to retain value?

* Is it safe to assume on the larger engines that as long as FBMWSH then high miles (100k+) is ok?

* any thing I have misssed that I must check when looking?

Thanks guys

19th September 2005, 14:41
E39 is from 96 onwards..

E34 previous to this in the late eighties to 96 when E39 came out.

Quick google brought this up http://www.alloembmwparts.com/chassis_chart.html


19th September 2005, 14:54
Avoid any E34 V8 models unless they've had a BMW replacement engine. There was a problem with the Nikasil coating on the bore liners being erroded by low sulphur unleaded fuel, causing premature engine wear.

I'd go for an E39 530D Touring. 8k should buy you an 99 or 00 plate car with around 100k miles. Fast, economical, spacious, comfortable, quiet fun to drive, quiet and of cause tuneable ;)