View Full Version : M3 videos (Subaru not inside)

António Correia Jr
25th July 2005, 13:09
Taken this weekend.

I could use 4wd in this car, but it does have some nice features smile.gif

SMG launch control:


The noise it makes:


25th July 2005, 15:11
You should be careful rounding that bend on the wrong side of the road!!


25th July 2005, 17:44
The launch scared the cameraman :D

António Correia Jr
25th July 2005, 20:32
Right on the money.

First time my wife has seen a RWD launch tongue.gif
First time for me as well, but everything seems different in the drivers seat!

I have another video, but a car appeared on the corner just when I was entering it. The guy basicly stopped the car. I suppose I scared him a bit and I did feel stupid at the time.

Better leave these stunts for the track!

26th July 2005, 20:26
Car sounds awesome... All's you need now is a decent cameraman!! :D