View Full Version : Renautl 5 Turbos..

10th May 2005, 11:50
My turbo is on the way out for the Renault5... blue smoke everywhere!

Didn't have change to find a replacement for the hill climb yesterday..


Instead of getting a standard turbo to put back on, was wondering if anyone has any experience in turbos for the r5?

I don't want to spend loads on it, and the turbo would be running around 16psi boost.

Anyone have experiece with any of the hybrids? The r5 is going to be used in the hill climb and rally, so a fast spooling turbo with some ooomph is what is needed smile.gif

10th May 2005, 14:35
iirc its a garrett t2 maybe a t2.5 so ring around, or have a look to see what it is..

Also iirc you may need to rejet the carb to run above 16psi or have a look for the old grp a carbs..

Its been around 8 years since I drove or played with one.. and back then it was unplug overboost (iirc) sensors and jubilee clip the intecooler end tanks and core redface.gif


10th May 2005, 15:52
jubilee bits have been done smile.gif

10th May 2005, 16:12
well done..