View Full Version : Vauxhall MAF Failure

21st February 2005, 13:56
Friends Astra, I have suspected the MAF for a while but at 115+VAT he has been ignoring me, but if you unplug it the car continues to run and you can turn the engine off and restart it with the MAF unplugged.

In my book that is confirmation.. Vauxhall aren't different and do something weird on idle do they?

Simon :D

23rd February 2005, 10:30

He can get a new one from Vauxhall for 115+VAT,
a pat part for 75+VAT or a secondhand one for 45+VAT..

Anyone tried a pat part?

Andrew Carr
23rd February 2005, 10:42
Pat does Vauxhaul parts? Makes sense I suppose access to the full GM parts catalogue would be useful...

23rd February 2005, 10:45
lol.. after 4 attempts at trying to spell Pattern I gave up.. had some caffine now smile.gif

indeed full GM parts cat would be very useful.

23rd February 2005, 19:16
Fat bloody cat.. tongue.gif


24th February 2005, 08:00
Four cough...