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7th January 2005, 10:33
looking for standard replacement pads all round on the golf gti.

Have looke on the german and swedish website but there seem to be so many different variants and none of them match just a plain old mk3 2.0 8V gti.

Any ideas on where I can buy them from?

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7th January 2005, 10:34
use the phone and call them adam.

7th January 2005, 10:52
I guessed at year but you can alter it.. the GTI 16v seems listed as such and the 8v just listed as GTI.. the EBC link you would need to ring and check as they only seem to do it by year.

front lists (http://www.buypartsby.co.uk/brakes_front_display.php?pageNum_rs_front=11&totalRows_rs_front=129&txtmodel=GOLF&Submit=Next&txtmake=VOLKSWAGEN)

front pads and disks (https://sslrelay.com/buypartsby.co.uk/discs_details.php?recordID=7702)

rear lists (http://www.buypartsby.co.uk/brakes_rear_display.php?pageNum_rs_rear=6&totalRows_rs_rear=71&txtmodel=GOLF&Submit=Next&txtmake=VOLKSWAGEN)

rear pads and disks (https://sslrelay.com/buypartsby.co.uk/pads_details.php?recordID=6591)

Or EBC (http://www.brakes4u.co.uk/products.asp?id=14511)


Scooby Towers
7th January 2005, 11:21

7th January 2005, 11:41

thanks guys.

7th January 2005, 16:16
Moved to "Other Marques" forum to aid potential future searches.

Also: www.eurocarparts.co.uk (http://www.eurocarparts.co.uk) are pretty good as a source for various european makes.