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9th September 2004, 11:32
Em's Civic needs new front brake pads and discs because their warped.

Honda fit 21mm thick discs on their cars which are a little on the thin side IMO and prone to warping with 'enthusiastic' driving.

We've been looking around for some uprated components and have a couple of options:

1) Black Diamond Grooved Discs and Black Diamond Predator pads

2) Brembo 10 groove discs and EBC red stuff pads

3) AEM 305mm disc conversion with AEM cerametalic pads (relocates the standard single pot sliding caliper further out by 1 3/4 inches)

Price wise the Black diamond and Brembo set ups are about the same cost (around 190 quid) and the AEM set up is more expensive (250 quid) Thedifference between them could by a set of braided brake lines.

The AEM set up is tempting, but I'm not sure if it will fit under the 15inch rims on Em's car, and I don't know if it's a real or 'bling' upgrade (it is made to look like separate bells and discs when in fact their one piece).

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

9th September 2004, 16:38
A bit more research tells me that there's no f'ing way 304mm discs will fit under 15's :rolleyes:

11th October 2004, 20:49
Try the EBC red ceramic work with any discs good performance for fast road and track use with no fade.....ive got them on with there discs and so far touch wood no compaints and better than the DS2500 and cheaper......
got mine from here www.brakes4u.co.uk (http://www.brakes4u.co.uk)

12th October 2004, 07:50
Ooops, should have updated this!

It turned out that EBC Red Ceramic weren't available in the correct pad shape for the EK4 :(

In the end the MOT was due sooner than I had thought, so I had to make do with what I could get next day...not my ideal choice, but Em is very happy with the way her car stops now...EBC Greens and Turbo Groove discs. The disc's are way too 'bling' for my liking, I only wanted 4 grooves and no drilling...at least they're not drilled, just dimpled :rolleyes: