View Full Version : Mercedes 190 - Engine tuning?

António Correia Jr
26th August 2004, 09:31

I have a friend over here who wants to convert his carb system to EFI (along with ITB's).

He has found the hardware to do it, but no one to map the engine.

This is probably going to take a while to complete.

Anyway, I'm wondering if any of the known engine tuners around here is available to map the engine?

I believe it's a different software than we're used to in our scoobies. Should be a challenge :D

Here's the reply from an US firm:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your interest in the Omex Technology product range. Our ECUs are general-purpose units and so are not pre-programmed for certain engines. You will therefore need access to a rolling road or engine dyno and a wide-band lambda reader in order to map the system. We do not currently have any distributors in Portugal so I suggest before going any further that you find out if you have anybody who can map after-market engine management. For throttle bodies we do not have inlet manifolds to suit this engine. If you can find a DCOE style manifold then we can supply throttle bodies to fit this.

Best Regards
Andy Cornock
Omex Technology