View Full Version : Tunit V-PD (golf TDi 150)

Andy McCord
14th July 2004, 10:50
Anyone know any information about this little box of tricks, trying to find exactly how it works
see here:-
Tunit (http://www.tunit.co.uk/install.php)


23rd July 2004, 20:26
it basically alters how the ECU "sees" the info its sent enabling it to offer a more desired fuel/ power profile..................

as a distributor for them can offer some "tasty" deals if your interested??

alyn - asperformance.com

RSVR Racer
26th July 2004, 15:27
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6th August 2004, 09:33
conrad.. speak to pat smile.gif

RSVR Racer
6th August 2004, 16:42
Nope decided to leave it as is, she cant drive so i dont want to make it faster :eek: