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22nd February 2004, 15:43
The girlfriend's little Ka failed it's MOT yesterday as the suspension arm bushes have gone on both sides. The garage's suggestion is to simply replace both suspension arms (at 35 quid each plus labour) rather than fit new bushes. :eek:

This, to me, seems somewhat excessive, but the Haynes book doesn't say how much of a bugger the bushes are to replace.

I'm going to phone the local Ford place in the morning, but opinions would be appreciated smile.gif

22nd February 2004, 16:21
That'll teach you to go screaming round corners in it trying to drag the door handles on the floor! I'd go with the replacement arms, will be quiker than trying to get the old bushes out, will probably cost the same IF you can get the bushes on their own.


Fancy a run out later in the week?

23rd February 2004, 11:23
Most garages will replace the whole arm, as the labour to replace the bushes will end up costing you more!

Also the lower balljoint will probably be on it's way out too, normally a brand new lower arm section has them fitted too (unless it's non-genuine) so in fact they'll be doing you a favour as normally the lower arm balljoints fail before the bushes do!

Same applies to most Fords TBH, fiesta, focus, ka, escort etc.

35 is about the going rate for fiesta/ka lower arms smile.gif

The only time it's cost effective is if you do it yourself and don't mind cursing alot to press out the old ones and fit the new (that is - if you can get them).

23rd February 2004, 14:32
Thanks guys. You've confirmed what everyone else I've spoken to has said :rolleyes:

Just seems extremely wasteful to me, though - replacing a whole chunk of metal just because a little bit of rubber's perished. Is this just a phenomenon associated with newer cars (parts having a lifetime of 3 years), or does it apply to the old classics (Mk1/2 Escorts and such like) too?

23rd February 2004, 17:49
In the olden days bushes used to come with an outer steel sleeve that would allow you to press out the old bush and press in a new one..

Manufacturing techniques have changed so that now a-days it seems the bushes are molded DIRECTLY to the suspension arm so no hope of ever pressing them in / out.