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11th December 2000, 16:52
As most of you know, I post some right odd questions.

One of the reasons for going for a scooby was the number of doors and immenent arrivial of a hound.

SuzyQ is looking for a new car, and I think she'd have my WRX Wagon if I let her. However, there may be a reprive, possibly (or I could get a skyline! and she has the scooby!)

Basically she's got to have four doors instead of two, and I'm pretty sure that they did produce a 4 door Skyline. Anyone care to tell me if I'm correct, if so then what MY were they, guess you can't get R33/34's in 4 door trim.

Also, I seem to recall there being mention of an estate type car based on Skyline engine and running gear (chassis?), think it was a Stagea (sp?) are these still around? is it really a Skyline GTR with estate body? anyone know where one could see/get one? any decent website info on them?

cheers all!

11th December 2000, 21:54

Skylines are available in 4 door format but I have only seen 2 in the UK, these are normally cheaper than the 2 door GTR's. Same interior but in a 4 door format and the body kit looks quite good with its ruggish broad looks, the car is basicly the same as a 2 door with the engine and running gear so mod it how ever you like.

R33 4 Door is a real car as is the R32, but im not sure if the R34 Door is available yet. As to Estates I remember seeing one at the Munich Motorshow, I think if there really is one it will be hard to find an Estate in either model.

Contact one of the reputable importers who can certainly source one for you.


13th December 2000, 09:44
Thanks Harj.