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27th July 2000, 07:41
I have seen a GT-S spec Skyline for sale for a tasty price and am thinking of it becoming a second car. What spec is the GT-S ?

I know the GT-R's quite well but the GT-S is a bit of a mystery machine for me....

Any input appreciated,


27th July 2000, 11:17
I think - and i'm happy to be corrected if i'm wrong:

GT-R = Grand Turismo - Racing (twin turbo)
GT-T = Grand Turismo - turbo (single turbo)
GT-S = Grand Turismo - Sports (non turbo)

All rear wheel drive (R has 4wd when in trouble!).
All 2 door (coupe).
GT-R - 0-60 5 secs (ish)
GT-T - 0-60 6.5 secs (ish)
GT-S - 0-60 9 secs (ish)


29th July 2000, 18:28
2.5 litre single turbo and rear wheel drive.

Buy a GTR instead!! That's all I know.

29th July 2000, 22:21
Hi Gethin,

My brother is selling a 2.0 gts, spec 96 n 25000 miles met blue,auto with overdrive, cd,immaculate throughout he imported it a year ago and is back in japan now, so it is sat in soton doing nothing at the moment he has put me in charge of selling it and no decent offer will be refused,any idea what its worth?

cheers paul

31st July 2000, 02:18
I am sure that you can get a gts with 4wd.

31st July 2000, 21:29
Benny is basically right, the gt-s is a single turbo 2.5 litre 6 cylinder rear wheel drive skyline, but with no hicas or torque distribution.(oh and it doesn't look as tough either)
I suppose it depends want you want from the car but a gt-s can be a real hoot to punt hard.They are significantly lighter than a v-spec and softer sprung and due to the lack of any electrickery, supply a healthy dose of driver reward and very progressive oversteer(easier to catch than the sudden snap of v-spec).
These cars are more than able to hold their own against a uk spec impreza on the RIGHT road (ie twisty A road rather than B) but residuals are fairly poor as the car is not widely known outside Japan.
I considered buying one but opted to wait and get a gt-r:G instead but it is a truly capable performer init's own right.
Autocar reviewed this model last year and I think I might still have a copy which I can scan in and mail to you if you like.

9th January 2002, 00:45
Here goes.....
GTS Skylines come in the following flavours,

GTS - 2.0l Non Turbo
GTSt - 2.0l Turbo
GTS25 - 2.5l Non Turbo
GTS25T - 2.5l Turbo

For the most part, the Non Turbo versions don't come with all the elctric tomfoolery, but a well specified GTS25T will come with HICAS and LSD. The 2.0l versions use a derivative of the 4 cylinder 200SX engine, and the 2.5l versions use a RB25 6 cylinder engine.

In the R32 series there was a GTS4 Skyline with the 2 litre engine and 4wd. There are door variants available too.

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