View Full Version : Nissan 200sx turbo good track car?

15th December 2000, 12:27
I'm at the moment looking at buying a second car to go on the track with.

As I am not going to be using the car day to day, creature comforts are not very important but are still nice http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif to have.

Has anyone had experiance of running a 200sx day to day and/or on track. What are your views on the car's capabilites, tuneability, running costs and reliability.

Would anyone recomend a different car in the same price (5000) range which would give more smiles per pound?

Thanks for any advice on this subject,

Simon Roe
15th December 2000, 13:06
You might be able to get an early WRX for 5K
which would be better!

Or an MR2 Turbo which is quicker to start with....

17th December 2000, 01:50
Simon not sure I would go for a WRX as having a STi for a daily driver as well, would maybe dilute the whole experiance of going on track.

But the MR2 Turbo sounds good, what year would you get for 5K though and have you driven one?



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Simon Roe
18th December 2000, 12:53

I had a 1991 which I sold for 4500. I ran it for 3years and only changed it due to the arrival of a baby daughter.

They have 200bhp standard and after 1992 they have 235bhp and larger brakes.
So if you can stretch to a 93 which can be checked by the four round rear lights rather than retangle clusters and 15inch wheels rather than 14inch.

Being rear wheel drive and mid-engined mean the handling is very good, unless you let off mid bend...

I took it on the track once around Castlecombe and found the brakes were not us to it and faded and glowed red, the Turbo suspension was okay but the car felt rather heavy on the track.
Hopefully the 92 onwards brakes should be better suited and you should just get one for 5K.
They are easily modifiable boost wise and I was running 250bhp..


18th December 2000, 17:52
Cheers http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif Simon,

Can I ask you what the parts for the MR2 are like price wise, also if there are any weak points on MR2's what should I be looking out for?



18th December 2000, 21:40

If you go for the MR2 Turbo, you are basically talking the same engine as the Celica GT4's (3S-GTE) so no problems with getting bits or tuning parts. 93+ cars have the same engine as the ST205 GT4 which is very strong. Minor safety mods and you can run around 280 - 300bhp on stock internals, with great care http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif

If it is going to be a purely track day car, i.e. just legal enough to drive there and back, then there are plenty of things you can do to improve it, e.g. weight loss wise.

As standard they have a very low centre or gravity and with the mid-engine layout a good setup suspension wise will see you keeping up wih many of the 'better' cars on track. Just be very careful mid-corner and obviously in the wet.



19th December 2000, 20:48
Thanks Ian

The MR2 turbo sounds like a lot of fun anyone else got any suggestions for an alternative track day car?

Simon Roe
12th January 2001, 12:54
Sorry for my absence for a while there..

As Ian says the engine bits are cheap and there is a number of companies selling secondhand and new parts and performance parts.
One being FenSport in Cambridge...

You could get a kit car failing that?

12th January 2001, 16:39
I had fun chasing Lotus Carltons in my TR7V8.

You can get a fully loaded one for a couple of grand, and parts are cheap. You can also get invited to cheap classic type track days, Group B car club, etc.

Oh yeah, fully comp insurance for 3.5 litre Grinnall Cars conversion of mine was 275 !!!