View Full Version : Water Injection - GT4 perspective

4th April 2000, 13:33
To answer the original question. Water Injection is good and once fitted doesn't cost anything to run (my favorite bit ).
I have been running the ERL System1 for about six months now alongside the Unichip. My GT4 (ST165) has a chargecooler as standard also. Running the System1 on a pressure switch trigger set at 8psi with a 0.5mm jet.

I have yet to play with jet sizes/trigger pressure. One of those things I will get around too.

However, we (GT4 owners) have found that the temperature of the water itself does have a slight effect. All owners are currently moving their tanks from the engine bay (very hot) to either the boot or very low down in the front air dam.

On the GT4 we inject post charge/inter cooler as a knock prevention device (mainly) because of traffic heat soak problems.

Scary thing recently discovered about the chargecooler system on the GT4. The chargecooler pump has a computer of its own. It is triggered by going WOT. The pump then runs for about 25 seconds then stops. It will not restart the pump again for at least three minutes no matter what you do. Bonkers.

Needless to say, that computer was in the bin very quickly. The pump now runs full-time (with ignition on) and with a little trickery, the main ECU doesn't know about it.