View Full Version : Brake pads for M roadster/M coupe

Andy H
11th April 2000, 06:01
On behalf of someone else:

Does anyone know of alternative pads to the standard BMW ones? Personal recommendations, brands, prices, where from etc..?

Presumably the brakes are the same as recent M3's?

11th April 2000, 06:26

Here is a good contact for you. A friend of mine (David Connell) runs the BMW M Power Club, tel 01784 439874. He is an M6 expert, but the club has tech experts for each type of M car. I must admit that I don't know if they have caught up with the M Roadster yet, but they definately have excellent contacts & will be able to put you in touch with the right person.

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Andy H
12th May 2000, 11:32
I was in the US last week and by a good stroke of fortune found myself very close to HMS Motorsport in Boston. I popped in and met Joe - very nice and helpful chap, and ended up spending far more than I intended! I went in for a window blanket (a fabric thing that stops the plastic window on the soft top creasing and scratching) - and ended up with some EBC green stuff brake pads.

I don't need them just yet, but I'll post the results when I do fit them to the car.