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31st March 2000, 21:13
Hi & welcome to the BMW section!

As well as being an Impreza owner, I also own a rare South African BMW E30 333i. Imported from new by the first owner, the car, a homolagation special, was rated at 192bhp. After a turbo & engine work, the first owner was getting 275bhp when I bought the car 8 years ago. A few years later, I had the turbo & ECU mapping redone by AVA, with revised intercooler, exhaust, racing clutch & many other improvements. We now have 450bhp & 520lbsft torque.

I look forward to reading your postings & will help with advice & contacts where I can.

31st March 2000, 21:28
Hi Nick !

just wondering how the torque is more than the hp ?

HP = (torque * rpm) / 5252

does that mean the engine only revs to 4500 rpm ? Tell me what I've obviously missed.

Thats enough torque to pull a train http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

1st April 2000, 15:29

I'lll check on the reason for this with a Pro. Give me a couple of days to get back to you please.

2nd April 2000, 22:53
This was your fabulous reply to my musings about Russel Martin's claiming to have an S3 BMW!

I thought it was an Audi designation ;)

Good job I did not reveal my ignorance eh? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

"A BMW S3 is actually an E30 BMW M3 tuned with the AC Schnitzer S3 Sport 2.5
package. It is bored to 2.5 litres, some gasflow work, different pistons
uprated & 20mm lower suspension. It is rare as much like a Prodrive WR
would be rare in Scooby terms. This is because not many people would pay
many thousands of pounds extra for a slight power increase from an
aftermarket conversion. At the time Schnitzer were not as directly
connected to BMW as Alpina were. 0-60mph in 6.7secs. This was matched by
the later Evolutions of the E30 M3 anyhow for much less cost. Alpina
produced the B6s - an E30 M3 with a 3.5litre engine & buckets of Alpina
goodies. You had to buy the B6s as a new car from a BMW dealer.

Something like the E30 M3 Revaglia (25 made) is a true rare model, but was
more of a marketing exercise - in true BMW M=Marketing mode.

There is of course the amazing "sleeper" E30 325is from South Africa.
Alpina worked engine to 2.7 litres & aluminium body! This outperforms any
M3. Also of course the rare South African E30 333i."

3rd April 2000, 06:43
Hi Anders, nice to see the "Junior Members" coming on board.... http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I hope that you & your wife have recovered from the BP terrorist.

Reading about your new clutch... I also have an "enthusiastic" clutch in my 333i. Because of the torque, even an M5 clutch got zapped on the rollers within 3 minutes of use. We eventually sourced (after 3 months) the type of clutch used in the AC Schnitzer 635 race team & it's very good - although heavy to use in traffic. My guys at AVA managed to adjust the pedal linkage to vastly reduce the weight of the clutch, but I still have the on/off clutch quality that you get with a cerra-metalic plate. I find that it's fine when moving along, but a start-off at traffic lights or on a roundabout takes quite a bit of effort. I find that rather than risk kangerooing, I have to give the engine more revs than normal - this seems to help.

3rd April 2000, 06:52

I haven't been able to contact my experts yet... but just a thought. Does your formulation apply to just a given rpm?

My peak bhp is at 5000rpm & my peak torque is at 3000rpm. It may be possible therefore that at 3000rpm, my power output is only 297bhp.

3rd April 2000, 13:48

Dare I say this but I also come from both the Subaru and BMW camps. Had a UK Impreza and then an STi prior to my current E36 M3 Evo Saloon. Its not got the STi grin factor, but its still a great car, especially as I am forced to drive 80 miles a day to work and back - its much more refined. And I pride myself in being the most untypical BMW driver http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif Never to be seen hogging lane 3 with his front fogs on!
Is the BMW owners club worth joining? And as a matter of interest my car also came from South Africa.

3rd April 2000, 13:55
Not sure if its relevant or along the lines of the above?

AFAIK torque can be higher than bhp.

Dont Bentleys have more torque than power (but at different points in the rev range).

3rd April 2000, 18:21

I thought that too. Lee has raised the question, so I thought I should check for sure.


The BMW DRIVERS CLUB is the one to join. Much more help with parts. Call 01362 694459. They have a good event coming up soon at Castle Combe (10/6) & later in the year, a big undercover show at Donington.

6th April 2000, 10:01

Just spoken to Alan at AVA. I now have the info on the hp=torque calc. You are correct about the formulation, however the formuation means that hp=torque only at 5250 rpm. This means that the torque & bhp curves cross over at this rpm figure. This does not mean that torque cannot be higher than bhp.

FYI I hear that AVA are working on their new 4WD rolling road. Once these guys get working on Scooby engines - watch out! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif

Mike Tuckwood
6th April 2000, 10:21
A up Nick.

My B3.5 Alpina is still for sale if you know of any interested parties?


6th April 2000, 10:41
Hi Mike

If you can send me some pics, I will circulate them for you.

6th April 2000, 12:46
<whisper>A little bird mentioned that AVA are working on a E30 3 series with a 3.5 litre twin turbo!</whisper>