View Full Version : 4x4 Saphire cossy.

Graham Stocker
3rd August 2000, 19:40
A friend of mine in his 4x4 saphire cossy stuck to me like glue low down from second gear , right up to top end . Could only shake him off round the twisty bits . my car is a 95 wrx slightly modded 275 bhp. Just wondered if you cossy guys could guess at his bhp. His car is chipped , running 18 psi and has green injectors. Cheers Graham.

Mike Rainbird
4th August 2000, 07:50
There are two types of green injector. Commonly referred to as light greens (355s) or dark greens (803s). As he is running only 18psi, I would guess that he is using the light greens (only a few percent up on standard), which would make him about the same as you - 270-280bhp. Normally GGR are the only ones that use the light greens - is it a GGR conversion?
Mike R

Graham Stocker
4th August 2000, 20:23
Thanks Mike I will get some more details on his car , it just supprised me that he kept up with me as saphires with 350bhp have stuggled in the past?. Graham.

5th August 2000, 14:46
You would of laughed like a drain this morning. I had to go to gatwick to pick up the old man form terminal 2 (3.am would you believe...straight after clubing..soba as a judge). I came across on the m23 a minted lotus carlton harrasing what at first appeared to be a standard sierra cossie, so i joined in..as you do.

I approached the two from behind and they both toed it after me. The cossie was quick and was making the better groung but the carlton did not want to know....both followed me off the m23 into terminal 2 short stay and i thought i had pissed them off. i parked up and the cos came screaming into the car park too. -i thouht this was strange as they would of had to have paid to get out. it turns out they were both good friends and wanted to know what my car had had done to it. (they were talking to each other on portable walkie talkies....they are cool and i am getting some!) the cossie was producing a confirmed 400bhp and the heavier less nimble carlton 430bhp. they were very shocked that mine was 280bhp+hks drager+piperx induction. It was pretty cold last night so maybe that got the best from all of us bu i left the airport one very happy lad.

anyone know these guys. they were really nice blokes and one worked at a club in croydon where they were coming from...