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Jason L
18th April 2001, 09:34
I'm looking to buy an Evo6 after my scoob and just wondering if there is anything i should know about the Evo.. i.e. its heavy on tyres or clutches need replacing frequently...

If any of you have any words of warning along those lines.. would be interested to know...



19th April 2001, 12:07

From my experience as an Evo owner for 7 months and what I have heard from others, you may want to watch out for the following which seem to be common problems which have occurred without people fiddling around with their cars:

- Brakes can be prone to warping. Some cars get it, some don't - there are aftermarket discs around which seem to sort it.

- Clutches will not last too long if you give the car a lot of stick (standing starts,etc). Some have given up inside of 10,000mls but with a bit of sympathy 20-25 should be do-able.

Quite a few of the other issues I have heard of but these mainly come from messing around with the car, eg: fuel cuts when boost is raised. Mine has been very reliable since I have had it - the weedy std battery has gone flat a couple of times when I was away and a blown headlight bulb have been the only inconveniences. If you come along to the Rallyday event at Castle Combe on 5 May you can quiz 60 Evo owners at once!

Overall its more important to give any second hand car a thorough check up on history, shunts, treatment by last owner. Do your homework and you will not be disappointed, it's a cracker of a car and I'm addicted. :)


Jason L
27th April 2001, 14:19
Talking of the warping brake disks... how many people have had that happen and have they found a solution.. i've heard skimming doesnt really help !!!

Or are there some simple rules to follow that will prevent the warping...

Anybody out there with an Evo 6 who still reads this care to comment !


27th April 2001, 20:29
I considered an Evo and spent some time at a Uk dealer. The guys were really honest and admitted they had one customer who was on his 3rd clutch in 12k miles http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/eek.gif . Otherwise pretty damn good. Serviceing is more than a scoob though - if you do alot of miles the intervals are 4.5k miles IIRC compared to 7.5k in the scoob, and the AYC fluid change costs the same as an engine oil change IIRC again.
There are a bunch of aftermaket discs to fit, I think Dragon(?) is the top, know guys who've done 5/6 track days on a set with no probs.
Resales still relatively strong and servcing greys is easy though, UK dealers happy to do it.
I'd go for it, I definitely would have gone over if i hadn't found a 22B instead http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif . http://www.lancerregister.com/ go to the forum here and ask a few more questions/do a search also.

29th April 2001, 10:21

I have heard chocolate clutch stories like this and IMHO the standard item is not strong enough, although my VI has done 11k mls on the original item and is still fine - probably down to my wimpy driving style. Mind you, I have also heard that some of the guys who burn clutches like that do give them serious stick - one I know of regularly entered standing start events like the Brighton speed trials. I think the best way to handle it is to get a decent aftermarket version fitted when the original expires - should not cost much more than the standard item.

On the brake front there are aftermarket versions that seem to be more warp resistant if this does happen. One theory is that standing still while the disks are still hot with brakes on can warp them due to the uneven cooling, but no-one has really got to the bottom of this. There's plenty of opinions on the Lancer Register about this from warping victims. Happily I've never had this problem - see above re: driving style ;)