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20th August 2000, 19:18
Guys, Hunty's last post made me wonder about how to be sure a car has passed the SVA. Key points I look on the car are recalibrated speedo/milometer, rear fog and revised fuel filler neck, but I'm not 100% clear about the documentation. Can someone set the record straight on this?

As I understand it a certificate proving that a car has passed the test but to get a valid UK log book/V5, the SVA docs have to be handed in and I am not clear if the SVA docs are returned. Do you get them back? ie would you expect to see a SVA cert for an unregistered new car but not for a used one?

Have seen a used E6 which had a valid V5 but clearly had speedo calibrated in km/h. Did not buy for other reasons but this was suspicious.


22nd August 2000, 21:18
The SVA test certificate is kept by the VRO. You cannot get a V5 legally without the car having passed the SVA test. The speedo when re-calibrated is the same visually but with a mph sticker stuck over the kmh logo.

However you could put a car through SVA and then take all the bits off.

Also the cars that you have to be careful with are the cars bought in via Northern Ireland. To get them registered in Ireland is a doddle.