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10th June 2000, 19:36
Check this out. Unsurprisingly the looks are pretty radical. And no, I wasn't trawling the Ford RS owners club BB (honest!). http://www.rsownersclub.co.uk/ubb/Forum3/HTML/002264.html
What do you think folks?


Danny Fisher
10th June 2000, 21:11
When a friend bought an EVO VI he was told that there are NO plans for another editon. So what is going on?????


11th June 2000, 15:57

I also heard last year that the 6 would be the last. However if you look at various trade & press sources it would seem that the 7 is on its way. Check out Autocar 17 May edition, plus the Carboy and Myevo sites: http://www.carboy.co.uk http://www.myevo.com
If its a hoax quite a few people have been fooled. Best thing to do would be to call Ralliart or Mitsubishi and see what they've got to say.

Kevin Atkins
11th June 2000, 20:03
Hi All

Someone from this list has already tried to put a deposit on the VII with Ralliart, they would not take any money due to the uncertainty of a further model.Guess we will have to wait and see.


11th June 2000, 20:50

If, as looks increasingly likely for commercial reasons, Mitsubishi go the group A route for the rally car (rather than wrc) there will have to be an evo vii as at least 2500 roadgoing cars have to be made for homologation purposes.

Autocar reckon that the vii will be based on the Lancer Cedia (although this was in the same issue as the "new impreza scoop" so make your own mind up on accuracy!)and the picture appears to me to be based on the Cedia with a changed bonnet and bodykit.
Personally, I'm a bit sceptical of this pic at the moment esp as the front looks out of proportion to me.


11th June 2000, 22:04
Could well be that the pic is a computer enhanced/generated one since they are still 6 months or so off launch (if it happens), but the similarities to the standard Cedia shown in Autocar 17 May issue can be seen - headlights, A & B pillars, windscreen, doors, wing mirrors etc.

Lets hope they do it. I'm delaying buying a 6 until I know what the score is.


12th June 2000, 14:14

12th June 2000, 16:00
See also the scoop section of www.busybeetoys.com (http://www.busybeetoys.com) - front & back shots of a black version.


12th June 2000, 20:34

16th June 2000, 13:59
Dunno about anyone else, but the white evo above looks like a storm-troopers helmet. Just a thought.... ;)

16th June 2000, 14:50

It does!!! http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/biggrin.gif