View Full Version : Ralliart vs Grey - any advice?

5th June 2000, 12:34
I am doing my homework on buying an Evo 6 and would like to hear any views/ experiences re: the pros and cons of getting an official Ralliart version versus a grey import.

I'm aware of the Ralliart warranty, but have not heard much on issues like insurance, servicing, repairs and maintenance, sourcing spare parts or any other practical points.

Any advice gratefully received!


Andrew Bolton
6th June 2000, 13:05
All Mitsubishi dealers should service any Evo now, whether grey or Ralliart. The main decider in this argument probably comes down to how much you save going grey compared to Ralliart. Also consider that Ralliart have been notoriously slow in delivering cars, compared to many grey importers who actually have stock ready to drive away.
The Ralliart warranty is pretty good, as it is operated by Mitsubishi UK themselves, thus a dealer just charges warranty work straight back and there is no pay-and-claim-back required.
I don't think insurance matters whether it is grey or not. Parts are available equally for both, so insurers should not care. Spare parts are easiest through Co-ord sport - who became Ralliart UK and have been importing parts for years. Mitsubishi get their stuff from them, and you can order any spare parts you require directly.
Not actually a great deal of help either side, am I? http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/smile.gif Perhaps this will help - my car is a Ralliart car, and if I had to buy another one, I would go grey. Mainly to do with the 3 month delay and shoddy treatment, but also due to the realisation that the extra money doesn't really gain you much.


Kevin Atkins
6th June 2000, 18:58
Spot on Andrew, I think you have pretty well said it all.

Kevin "Grey"

6th June 2000, 19:36
Many thanks gents.

It's good to hear that about greys, especially as the prices are now looking pretty reasonable - have seen at least two greys advertised in the trade at less than 22k in apparent excellent condition, whereas Ralliart versions are all the wrong side of 25k - check out stiimports.co.uk. To be honest the only thing I can't make my mind up about is the colour! (dark blue, black or silver??)

Will let you know,if and when successful, although like Ian F I am taking my time.

PS: Is there any sort of Evo drivers club equivalent to the SIDC? Evo fans seem to be far less vocal/sociable than their Scooby equivalents, even considering the difference in numbers.

Kevin Atkins
6th June 2000, 21:41
Hi Steve

There is a club,www.ltregister.com and they also organise superb track days.

Regards Kevin

15th June 2000, 23:04

There's a bloke down the road here and his E6 is black and having seen his example, I think that it's the colour to go for. It's rarer and hard as nails.

Grey is the way forward, I think.

16th June 2000, 11:38
Cheers DJ

I've been swayed by the grey/black argument. The black ones do look well 'ard. I remember a black one was behind me on the A1 a few months ago and my instinctive reaction on seeing it in the rear view was "****! Better move over"

I just have to find one of the damn things now.