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27th April 2000, 14:03
Had EVO VI for 2 weeks and done 2,000 miles (holiday). I would like to change the backbox but have been told by the dealer that it will invalidate the warranty. I do not want to pay the high price for the HKS 'jasma' approved ralliart one. Anyone had experience or make suggestions.

28th April 2000, 14:04
Hi Richard,

How's the car?

I have looked into the warranty in some detail.Even if you pay the high price for the Ralliart approved box it can invalidate your warranty.

Take a look at the warranty bit of the service book and I think it states this.

BTW probably looking at a silver T plate in Leicesterr this weekend.


Kevin Atkins
28th April 2000, 14:19
Hi Chaps

My VI is a grey with an insurance based warranty,I have spoken to them about the lower end mods, exhaust, filter, wheels, etc. and they do not consider that this will affect my warranty.It would appear from various other list members that Ralliart seem to be acting in a strange fashion with regard to warranties.
Imagine the exhaust fails and you drop into Kwik Fit or somewhere ( I did say imagine ) and had an exhaust fitted,would this blow the warranty ? I think not.So what is the difference when the Blitz or like goes on the car.Lets hope nobody has to find out.

Regards Kevin

28th April 2000, 14:22
Is this despite Ralliart stating that it does not invalidate the warranty.

Check this page 3rd paragraph
or check the quote from page below,

Quote from Ralliart UK page!
The Official conversion package retails at 3,250 including VAT. This conversion does not invalidate the standard comprehensive warranty.

28th April 2000, 17:07
It is a bit difficult if Ralliart actually state that fitmit of an exhaust will invalidate the warranty. Could they perhaps fit just their exhaust for you, surely that won't be too expensive.

I have a grey import and have the HKS Hyper muffler and suction kit. The dealer I bought the car through who does the servicing is quite happy with these mods under the terms of the warranty. He is also happy that a Link Products ECU is fitted, which will be done later in the year(330+ bhp).


29th April 2000, 20:05
Gosh, there seems to be a few bits of conflicting info flying around.

A couple of weeks back I asked Ralliart to fax me details of the warranty and the copied the relevant part of the srvice book.

Under the heading 'Modification and Servicing Parameters' it says...

"Ralliart UK can offer a wide range of performance related modifications. However, these modifications will invalidate this new vehicle warranty'

Best bet is talk to Ralliart and get written confirmation of the position.


1st May 2000, 11:14
Like Kevin I have a 'grey' insurance based warranty - which I have now invalidated due to fitting various aftermarket bits...

...however, if I had had these fitted before actually purchasing the car the warranty would have been valid.

This may be why there is some confusion in this area - the same components may or may not be warranted, depending on when they were fitted to the car.


PS I actually drive a Scoob
PPS OHMIGAWD I'm posting in the EVO area http://bbs.22b.com/ubb/wink.gif
PPPS Isn't the Ralliart Warranty an insured warranty as well - so the situation will be the same?

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11th May 2000, 15:11
Ralliart won't even supply and fit one of their own exhausts for you, at their workshop in Dudley, without invalidating the warranty - pathetic isn't it, especially when you consider that their own press car (Autocar article back in March 1999) and demo car is fitted with an HKS system (cat back). My Mitsy dealer confirms that the OEM exhaust is not covered under warranty anyway so who gives a hoot. Anyway, fun and games but you should consider that some people have exhaust systems and aftermarket Leda kits fitted to their cars (eh, Andrew)
and still get discs skimmed under warranty (ie. the warranty has not been killed off by the fitting of a few tasteful bits). A re-mapped or modded ECU or major turbo work is however likely to b***ock it right off!

Link ECU, sounds nice and has a good reputation - any info (website etc) on this please?

11th May 2000, 18:36
I am a scooby owner but can anyone confirm that i might have read somwhere that Ralliart/Mitsubishi produce a +100bhp ECU as an upgrade and that the current ECU was made in such a way so that it cannot be rechipped without being replaced as too many pople were crashing Evos in Japan after chipping?


12th May 2000, 11:22
Don't know about a +100bhp ECU but you're right about the sealing of the E6s ECU (allegedly). Power Engineering were suspected to be developing a re-mapped UK ECU for the Evo 5 & 6 to run on 95 RON unleaded with no power loss (in fact a power and torque gain of around 35 bhp/20% peak).

Took this quote from the Power Engineering website this morning - interesting, especially when taken in tandem with recent issues surrounding certain Imprezas.

"The cost of the Phase One conversion is 685 (804.88) and includes full dyno testing with before and after figures. It can be carried out on the Evo V and VI, RS or GSR. If your car already has a performance exhaust then we can get the very best from it with complete safety."

Anyway, I had a UK Impreza re-mapped by them and never had a problem with it. I'm now seriously considering being amongst the first to have my Evo 6 re-mapped there. Watch this space.

12th May 2000, 11:35
That is interesting my Subaru had a PE phase 1 and I never had any problems with it (I did 40,000 miles on it. Maybe I shall try it, do they have a demo car like they do for scoobies.
35bhp increase, what are they as standard 276? Or are they more in reality, any EVO VI dyno figures/plots about?
It suggests a performance exhaust is required, does any one have a suggestion, previous car was too noisy (5-dr MY98 Impreza with T75 downpipe, janspeed center pipe and S/S backbox.