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8th November 2009, 18:45
Im trying to organise a ring trip on here for 2010 there is all ready a few of my site going over as usuall we did 4 trips last year.I dont know the dates yet but thinking about the easter time ill know more when the dates come out.

It would be from a friday morning to a tue/wed eve return that's how we normally do it but this could be changed any ideas or suggestions please feel free.

Would be nice to get a 22b ring trip sorted so here it is any one interested for the easter time or later on in the year let me know ill copy and paste this now into the internation meetings section ..


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9th November 2009, 02:12
I'd love to (assuming I have wheels in europe at the time). Let me know a little closer to the day.

9th November 2009, 12:27
Over there myself again this month. smile.gif

9th November 2009, 23:01
Hi fud, we are a little Subaru Club here in Germany www.subaru-drivers-club.de (http://www.subaru-drivers-club.de) and we are on the Nürburgring on many times in the year. On easter time we are going on the ring too. I have a 22b, so you have one for your 22b meeting on the ring smile.gif I am very happy to see another 22b on the Ring!


Andy Peanuts
10th November 2009, 07:51
Stefan and Marek?

Bumped into those 2 guys at a trip last year and went for a great night out.

Easter is great but absolutely rammed as it's opening weekend isn't it?

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Duncan Graham
10th November 2009, 08:08
Difficult one Andy, easter has always been traditionally busy but the guys that went over this year found the track quiet (car park rammed though)

Mid week sessions are much better for clear track.

10th November 2009, 11:28
Duncan did mention this to me first time i went over about easter but i have never had any issues with doing 15-20 laps over a weekend for some people new to it This is more than enough...

Ill get dates when they are up and put a few dates that were doing and then we can see who fancies what and when ..

stefan Keep an eye on this thread and ill try get as many over as possible..

Andy Peanuts
10th November 2009, 22:16
found some pics.




We bumped into these guys on a Saturday in November 07 and promptly went out on the lash aftwerwards with about a dozen more of their likeminded friends. :D

Assuming its the same guys of course!

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10th November 2009, 22:52
I'd be up for a trip next year....Is there noway we could get a list of names together and try to hire the track?.....This year I went to a speed industries track day and had at least 10 laps without seeing another car smile.gif ...not sure what would be involved in orginising this but could it maybe be done with other clubs?


Andy Peanuts
10th November 2009, 23:43
there are already organised limited numbers track days available. I would suggest that these cost an absolute bloody fortune and would involve an obscene amount of money up front that would require a deep level of trust that everyone will come good.

nice idea though and 10 laps without another car sounds positively sexual :cool:

Duncan Graham
11th November 2009, 07:58
Hiring the track is a huge financial investment - circa £40k for the day. Never gonna happen - stick to pre-organised track days there or touristenfahren days.

Far better to go at quieter times of the year if you want no traffic.

I have been at times mid week where you never see another car all evening on track - simply brilliant for learning lines and for ultimate times (if you have the track knowledge) but it is actually a lot more fun when there is traffic to work through and people to play with.

You never stop learning there IMO so if you are wanting quiet track to chase a lap time without having the track knowledge it will bite you.

11th November 2009, 19:17
Dont know about any one else but credit crunch hitting me and 40k for a trck day bit much for me lol

11th November 2009, 19:45
not sure about 40k but heard 15k mentioned at the speed industries day.

There were 50 max places and we all payed 450 euro's. I think approx 35 cars turned up.

They way they worked it was you had to pre pay. I could contact Sebastian and find out the ins and outs if you wish? Let me know and I can email him.....maybe they would team up and we could tag along also??

Duncan, when would you suggest the best time to go would be so that it is quite?

11th November 2009, 21:58
Best time is in the week like duncan stated for quietness but i dont like it to quiet track day with no cars nah not for me..

As soon as the dates come out ill put the dates up and we can go from there..

Duncan is more exsperienced than me with the track and surrounding areas so be good if he got involved with this..

12th November 2009, 23:48
@ Andy
Nice to meet you here after 2 Years, i hope you and Terry are well. Hope we can see you and the other guys at the Ring. Regards from Marek to you, i speak with him about this meeting today.
@ Fud when you have the date, i will write this in the SDC forum, so i can get some people for the meeting too.


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13th November 2009, 18:24
We've had a 22B trip before. Twas fun.

Northloop.co.uk are organising a trackday there.

16th November 2009, 21:31
Hey Stefan - nice to hear from you again smile.gif

Nice to see my old car in it's glory again smile.gif

19th November 2009, 09:13
Hi Terry,
fine to read from you smile.gif , yes your Car was a very nice one. Do you sell you Car? Hope to see you on the Ring :cool: ...

19th November 2009, 10:21
"MADDOG" & "MADDOG JNR" are up for this one :D

21st November 2009, 17:09
Any idea on dates for this yet?

21st November 2009, 19:02
The Dates are not yet out but it will be some time in the easter period also ill put the other dates that were going later on in 2010 normally easter/then june or july then august..

21st November 2009, 19:03
Maddog still not been out with you or your'e son yet.. In 2010 i would like a drive out in one of the m5s and with you + your'e son and duncan see how he rolls..

22nd November 2009, 14:37
It snowed on the the first Easter 22b trip back in 2000...

22nd November 2009, 15:25
never tried it with snow on the road.....whats the quickest lap time in snow? ;)

22nd November 2009, 16:45
Originally posted by Linky:
never tried it with snow on the road..... And you won't either, they closed the track as soon as it settled

I did my first ever lap in the snow though, started out with a little drizzle and just got worse as I went round:






24th November 2009, 21:13
I thought it was a SN trip... ;)

24th November 2009, 21:57
I can't remember, a lot of the discussion about it happened in Chat on here though

24th November 2009, 22:43
Originally posted by Slooby:
It snowed on the the first Easter 22b trip back in 2000... 2001 was the date for that trip Tim, it was a scoobynet trip, we even had T-Shirts with all the trip info on it including date and BBS. :D

I've got date stamped pictures of our cars next to each other covered in snow. At least you had a roof to keep the snow out! :D

24th November 2009, 23:19
I've never experienced the ring (other than on the playstation), but I can imagine it would be a scary place at speed in the dry.

In the wet, I can only wonder how many accidents they have.

In the snow? Yes, the 22B is a "rally car", but...

24th November 2009, 23:46
John, quite right it was 2001, don't recall any t-shirts though :confused:

25th November 2009, 00:05

25th November 2009, 07:44
Originally posted by big_rob_sydney:
I've never experienced the ring (other than on the playstation), but I can imagine it would be a scary place at speed in the dry.

In the wet, I can only wonder how many accidents they have.

In the snow? Yes, the 22B is a "rally car", but... There are lots of accidents in the wet there.

25th November 2009, 21:32
Originally posted by johnfelstead:
http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn99/johnfelstead/tshirt.jpgI was had, I never got one :mad: ;)

Originally posted by johnfelstead:
http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn99/johnfelstead/snow2.jpg Now that I do remember, as Paul Wilson and I went tobogganing down the road from the hotel in some bin bags not long after it was taken as Scoobychick (Sal) watched. Didn't you have a leak from your fuel tank on that trip that you fixed in the snow? Then there were the snapping front cycle wing stays to contend with too...

26th November 2009, 00:40
Obviously not part of the in crowd Tim. ;)

Yep, the top of the fuel tank split, so i fixed it with some chemical metal i had in the spares i carried in the passenger footwell. I'm not sure if that was the trip my clutch cable snapped too, where i drove all the way from Calais without using the clutch, not easy when going cross country through belgium/germany in a convoy. I bodged that in the car park too.

The cycle wing bracket failed in France not far from Calais, fixed that with some gaffa tape and one of your sockets as a splint if i remember correctly.

Quality cars those Westfields. ;) Then again it did see a bit more speed and load than the designers envisioned i think!

26th November 2009, 08:02
And that was before you realised you were on a low boost setting IIRC. You had it fixed when I saw you at Oulton.

22nd December 2009, 22:06
Here is the dates for our first trip of 2010 .

Thursday 1st april untill tuesday 6th april 2010. This year 2009 the track was open friday sat sun monday so pleanty of track time ..

Ill get more info when the we sort out the ferry times ect ect or for some the tunnel times..

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Mike L
23rd December 2009, 00:54
Could be intrested in those dates smile.gif

23rd December 2009, 03:45
Erm...APRIL FOOLS!!!!.....would that not be Thursday the 1st of April fud???? ;)

If so I'm out as I'm overseas working on those dates :(

Duncan Graham
23rd December 2009, 08:42
May see you over there Fud ;)

23rd December 2009, 09:42
Sorry sorted the dates thanks linky...

Yes duncan ill see you there mate take me out in the beast show me how its done mate.Mike be great to have you over mate.....

24th December 2009, 04:23
Not as sorry as me Fud as even with the "new" corrected dates I'm still away abroad!!


Loving the pictures of the ring in the snow ;)

8th January 2010, 11:39
First trip is booked here is the dates and times for any more wishing to travell down with us need names asap for hotell reservations Which normally are around £35 per night inc full continentall breakfast..

1st april 8am ferry from dover-dunkerque
6th april return 1400 hrs
Booked and paid so far

rally rich/dave
mike L

Shame you cant make it tim we will be doing at least another 2 may be 3 trips this year ...

Mark ward

9th January 2010, 18:15
Any Idea Fud on other dates this year yet as itchin' to go back again......

mick t
9th January 2010, 18:58
gona be at the ring area most of august with my 22B,will be in the field with motorhome B and trailer come and speak,my 11th year at the ring.to mad dog and jnr are you gona be there august anytime?let me know and i'll make sure i'm there seems a while since i had a lap with jnr,think he,s quicker than the old man sorry andy

9th January 2010, 19:13
he most definitely is Mick he has little fear and a lot of skill,if you are going to be there August we will book a date and come over there to see you. Remind me not to come in your car again,I don't think me heart could cope with the last lap you gave me. But then again I will never forget it....sheer briliant car skill.
Mick PM your mobile no.

rgds "MADDOG"

10th January 2010, 13:53
Tim it will be end of july august time mate ill keep you posted.Mad dog you not going easter???Here is an update of people going with me now ..

rally rich/dave
mike L

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10th January 2010, 14:56
Fud, really thinking about Easter, all depends on the money front... ;)

Have been out of work for over a year now,2010 has got to be better.

If we do go, we will be catching the same ferry times as your group... :D

Fingers crossed, we will see you then.

rgds "MADDOG"

10th January 2010, 15:56
Exlnt mate be good to get us all there sure duncan will try his best also ....

Duncan Graham
10th January 2010, 16:30
Will be a last minute thing for me if I head over and obviously depending on the weather. (although that is impossible to predict)

13th January 2010, 18:50

Here is the hotell were booking.Its very close to the ring and a great place works out £35 each per night 2 sharring a room ...

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mick t
9th February 2010, 19:18
seems to have gone quiet on this topic,just been looking at opening times for august,there's plenty of evening time and two fri sat sun weekends one early and one late august,i'll take victims sorry passengers if anyone wants a lap

11th February 2010, 17:03
Not gone quiet mick we are all booked and ready to go lol

mick t
11th February 2010, 19:20
Are you there anytime in august or only easter,i'm normaly there easter but only get back from the states on 31st of march so that makes it a bit tight,our paths may cross sometime!

12th February 2010, 18:53
Mick we always do 1 then book another so on and so forth mate ill keep this thread alive with dates as soon as we know them cheers..

Normally easter, then june or july then aug or sept min 3 if not 4

22nd June 2010, 07:24
Right last week in august first week in sept, These are the provisonall times we inted to go.I will put the dates, ferry times, hotell, ect ect down when it comes more clear.

2nd July 2010, 14:14
I will be there from 31july til sunday the 8th august.

Looking forward to it allready smile.gif


mick t
26th July 2010, 19:01
Don't forget anybody going to the ring late august,the wrc is taking place in the mosal valley between the 20th and 22nd close to trier,some spectating can be accessed free by walking through the grape vines,klusserath is one of the villages you can do it from.

27th July 2010, 13:29
Cheers mick i will be there then .

mick t
27th July 2010, 18:26
BIG-FUD are you at the ring 20th to 22nd or the bank holiday weekend or both?

28th July 2010, 08:34
Im getting there on the 21st and staying till thursday 26th.

Would be good if we could meet up on the 22nd,Let me know mick.

mick t
28th July 2010, 14:59
As long as the car is still up to it i will be there,what you going in? go on take the 22b!

30th July 2010, 10:52
Might take the 22 trailor it there with my hawk and take them both round.Hope you make it mick.

19th August 2010, 08:35
I'll be there 21st to 25th but not in my Scooby.

23rd February 2011, 19:22
Another trip organised for march 28th -2nd april for 2011 let me know if any one fancies the trip over